anime chistmas

10 Anime Christmas Rewatch Any Time of the Year

anime chistmas

If you’re ready to get into the holiday festive mood, there’s nothing like sitting down and enjoying an episode of Christmas animation. A Christmas-themed show will put you in a festive mood or serve as an enjoyable backdrop to present gifts. Even after Christmas has passed to an end, the Anime will be around to keep you happy as ever.

Tokyo Godfathers

It’s difficult to imagine an anime with more Christmas spirit than Tokyo Godfathers. The heartwarming and funny comedy follows three friends who discover something quite unique when they go looking through trash on Christmas Eve. They discover a newborn baby. They give the baby the name that is meaningful, Kiyoko, and attempt to locate her mother. It’s a great deed that leads the children on an amazing adventure – ideal to do during the Christmas season or whenever you’re in the market for the most heartfelt story.


Toradora is about a group friends whose lives are an intricate network of friendships. The whole series isn’t a holiday-themed show however, it’s the “Christmas Eve Festival” episode is sure to take your emotions to a tense trip. This is where the show experiences a variety of emotions that become boiling and you should be ready for an emotional moment and laughter during this episode.

Itsudatte My Santa!

If anyone has the ability to create an excellent Christmas-themed anime It’s Love Hina creator Ken Akamatsu. The series has a plot that is typical of Christmas movies, but with all the fun and intensity you’d like from an anime. The protagonist, who is named Santa is born Christmas Eve and really hates Christmas. This is until the time he meets an attractive young lady who appears determined to get Santa to get into the Christmas spirit.


Kanon is an excellent show to watch during the holiday season, but the majority of anime fans will say that this is among the rare instances where the remake is superior to the original. The 2006 version is generally thought to be better than the original version that was released in 2002. The show takes place in a winter town, and is about a young man who realizes the only thing he remembers is of the happy times that he spent here. The anime is not the story of a harem scene, the intensity of the characters creates a unique connection to the love interest instead of feeling that they are simply being used to fill up the plot.

Chocotto Sister

The enchanting animated program Chocotto Sister is deeply rooted in the Christmas season and the magic of Christmas. It offers viewers a glimpse at a child who pleaded with Santa for a special gift following the miscarriage of his mother during the Christmas season. In addition to requesting his mother’s health to improve and a better pregnancy, he also wanted to know if Santa would give him the sister he’s never had. Even if his wish doesn’t become a reality, Haruma Kawagoe soon finds out that Santa prefers to take his time.

Lucky Star

If you are a fan of Christmas-themed anime that is adorable overflow, then look no further. The Christmas-themed episode of Lucky Star is just downright adorable and full of enjoyment. It’s a fantastic alternative for those who want to feel the Christmas spirit without the burden of emotions.

Heartfelt Love Hina The Christmas Special Silent Eve

Even if you’re not an avid Love Hina fan, you might be shocked to discover the amount of enjoyment you get from this holiday special. There is a rumor that the first Millennium Christmas is an extremely important time of the year. If you are able to confess that you love someone during this time, your wish is likely to come true. You can imagine that it causes quite a tension and causes Keitaro to take some tough choices. It’s a lighthearted, fun Christmas story that anyone will appreciate while wrapping or decorating gifts.

Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata is a touching romance-themed anime based on the Korean drama with the same name. The story is about Yoo Jin who is planning to marry her dear old friend from her childhood after tragedy took her away from the person she was to love. It’s fate’s way but, it looks that her last love is more than an ephemeral memory. The winter-themed setting of the show provides breathtaking scenes, and also expresses the need for love that many people feel in the winter months.

Strawberry Marshmallow

“Present,” the “Present” episode of Strawberry Marshmallow is the thing you’ll need if wish to remember your past of believing in Santa. This charming slice of shows viewers enjoying the sight filled with “cute girls doing cute things in cute ways.” If you’re looking for women celebrating Christmas and believing in Santa It doesn’t get more adorable than this.

Hetalia: Axis Powers

This might appear to be an odd anime to choose for your Christmas cheer However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of this Christmas episode actually is. The Hetalia series of Axis Powers usually focuses on the zany interactions which occur between students, who are in fact the representations of nations. It takes a break from the usual everyday happenings, however, to get all the countries-turned-characters into the Christmas spirit. If the constant news coverage of the world is making you feel down this Christmas season This is a fantastic method to get yourself back on track and envision a world where every country comes together to share a moment filled with love and joy.