zoldyck family

10 Zoldyck Family Members in Hunter X Hunter

The Zoldyck family is a collection of fascinating characters in Hunter X Hunter. They are a clan of assassins. The most powerful family member can even defeat Genei Ryodan, the head of Genei Ryodan. Here’s a list of Zoldyck family members starting from their weakest members to those who are most powerful!

zoldyck family

10. Alluka Zoldyck

Alluka is the second-youngest daughter of Silva Zoldyck. She is perhaps the most powerful Zoldyck’s child. Although she isn’t sure the way to combat, her frightening power is derived from a spirit within her that Killua refers to as Nanika.

Nanika can accomplish almost anything. She is a well-known entity who lives within the Dark Continent and somehow can communicate through Alluka. This power is a major danger to even the most powerful person on earth. That’s why Silva has her in such a tight place.

9. Maha Zoldyck

Maha is Zeno’s grandpa or the oldest of the Zoldyck family. We know little about the man.

Maha was the one Zoldyck family to be an Enhancement type Nen user. At his peak his strength was unmatched. The only person to have defeated him and lived to tell the tale did so was Isaac Netero.

8. Zigg Zoldyck

Zigg has been Zeno’s father. He is one of two persons who accompany Netero in his journey. Also it’s his great-grandfather.

His Nen kind of character isn’t known to date, however it’s enough for him to join Netero on his way towards the Dark Continent, as seen in the manga.

7. Zeno Zoldyck

Zeno is the Silva’s father, or Killua’s grandfather, who is aware of the entire knowledge regarding Nen and its application. Zeno has created a vast range of Nen methods from his own, and all of them are extremely dangerous. The shrewdness of his combat skills is one of the reasons that make Zeno such a fearsome character.

The head of the Ryodan, Chrollo, even believed that he was a threat. If that battle been a continuation, perhaps Chrollo would be killed by Chrollo.

6. Silva Zoldyck

Silva is the present Zoldyck’s patriarch. Silva is a formidable combatant with a type of Nen called Transmuter, which is a benefit when fighting close.

Silva is known as an elite assassin who is able to beat all of Genei Ryodan members without obstacles. In the Chimera Ant section, he could defeat Cheetu by a single strike despite the fact that Cheetu is among the fastest Chimera ants. Within the Yorknew City section, he was able to overcame the most powerful of Ryodan, Chrollo.

5. Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi is considered to be the leading of the Zoldyck family. Illumi has been watching Killua in the hunter test until he is an actual hunter. In the future, Illumi joins the Genei Ryodan in order to replace Uvogin.

The Manipulator’s ability is extremely risky. Anyone who gets pierced by the needle of Illumi will be his puppet whom he will manipulate at any time. Illumi also has a powerful killing aura, so much that even Hisoka does not want to play with his.

4. Killua Zoldyck

Killua is among the most prominent characters from Hunter X Hunter who is Gon’s closest friend. The third member to the Zoldyck family is a genius that was selected to be the next in line to the family.

Killua’s strength might not be enough against an ally of the Genei Ryodan, but he is strong enough to take on enemies like chimeras and ants. Although he was trained to become an assassin, Killua does not have a desire for this kind of thing. With a person like Gon his goals for life began to shift.

3. Kalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto is the newest one of the Zoldyck family and is also the most recent one of the Genei Ryodan. Like Illumi, Kalluto is a dependable Manipulator type Nen user. The proof is that he’s able to join the Ryodan as a member. the Ryodan.

Kalluto displays his fighting skills during his Chimera Ant arc. Kalluto can take out one of the chimera ants with no problems. The reason he joined with the Ryodan is to locate his younger sister Alluka. It appears that Alluka is in the custody of her dad, Silva.

2. Kikyo Zoldyck

Kikyo is wife to Silva and Killua’s mother. Her powers are still undiscovered however, she is a manipulator type Nen user.

Her ability as an assassin can be described as excellent because she’s a part of the Zoldyck family. However, she’s regarded as being one of the weakest as she’s not seen as accepting any form of work.

1. Milluki Zoldyck

Milluki is the son second of Silva. Similar to the other sons Milluki was raised as an assassin but Milluki was not gifted due to the different levels of strength.

Though fragile, Milluki is an intelligent person who has come up with numerous innovations. Milluki can also utilize Nen whenever he observes Nanika healing Gon.