22 Best Female Demon Slayer characters

In our list of the top 22 female demon slayers we have a wide range of characters who face the challenge in their own distinct style of persona. From the strong and intimidating to the mysterious and brooding, Topanime.us is on a continuous quest to bring you the most current details regarding female demon slayers. So put on your slayer’s hats, people! We’re going through time by presenting: Best Female Demon Slayer.

22. Koinatsu

Koinatsu is a gorgeous and elegant Oiran from The Tokito House. She’s a high-end Oiran from Tokito and is among the most loved and revered women in Yoshiwara.

The Oiran is first seen within The Entertainment District arc and steals the hearts of fans by her grace.

Koinatsu is loved due to her warm and caring attitude toward everyone around her, particularly children.Even in the most important moment of her existence, the woman is seen worried about them, showing her kind of person.

Compared to Daki, Koinatsu is a breath of fresh air that delights many of its fans.

In addition, she’s extremely skilled at her job and attentive. She might appear unbalanced, but she’s not as careless as many Oiran employees in the Entertainment District.

In addition, she was the sole person to notice that Tanjiro was the age of his arrival.

21.  Kanata and Kuina Ubuyashiki

They are the two youngest sisters of Kiriya Ubuyashiki, who currently is the head of the Ubuyashiki Household. They aid their brother and the remaining members in their fellow members of the Demon Slayer Corps. They were involved in the final battle of The Demon Slayers’ effort to break into Infinity Castle. The two sisters had memorized and sketched out the fortress, despite the structure’s constant change.

20. Hinaki and Nichika Ubuyashiki

The older twins are of Kiriya Ubuyashiki. Before their demise, they served in a similar to their younger sisters serve today as the head of the household in Ubuyashiki, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, their father. The details are not well-known about the twins aside from their unwavering devotion to their family, particularly their father. They willingly fought alongside him in the blast in Ubuyashiki Mansion. Ubuyashiki Mansion as a means of sacrifice.

19. Mukago

Mukago is an undead. Her rank signifies she as a powerful demon. Mukago has a weak, timid personality, and she avoids facing the demon slayer corps. Muzan listens to Mukago’s thoughts on not wanting to fight Demon Slayers and her fear. Mukago pleads with Muzan to be kind; however, Muzan proceeds to murder her.

18. Ubuyashiki Amane

Amane Ubuyashiki, the spouse of Kagaya Ubuyashiki. The maiden name is also known as Amane Himorogi. I found her an outstanding leader when she assumed the duties of the elderly Kagaya as the head of her Demon Slayer Corps. She oversees the demon slayers with different personalities, females and males.

17. Mother Spider Demon

The Mother Spider Demon of the Lower Moon, Demon Rui, plays an important role in the fight against Demon Slayers. She is extremely popular among fans because she is the antagonist in the Mount Natagumo arc.

In truth, she’s among the more depraved characters from the show, in a ruthless way manipulating Demon Slayers and killing them with her threads.

In her role as the mother of Rui, She is incredibly powerful and can give Tanjiro an extremely difficult time. But she is an unfortunate character required to play House in the company of Rui.

In addition, she is frequently victimized by Rui and her father, which makes her shake in fear of both. Tanjiro’s warmth and gentle disposition made her feel loved and made it simple for her to pass.

16 . Makio

The most strict of Uzui’s wives is Makio. Makio’s strictness often causes her to conflict with Suma, creating many hilarious scenes in the show.

But Makio’s rigidity has an explanation. Her insecurity and the belief that the physical differences between women and men make her unfit with male Ninjas. To make up for it, she puts her life in danger to complete all of her goals.

But she is puzzled by the fact that Uzui informs three of them to focus on their survival rather than. Yet, she’s an extremely skilled Kunoichi, able to defend herself against the force of Obi Sash Oni’s assault of strikes which is a feat for someone who doesn’t have breathing techniques.

15. Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao is a gifted eyewitness and can anticipate her opponent’s future actions and movements by analyzing the smallest changes in his joints, muscles and sclera. It makes it possible for her to perform powerful counter-attacks and maneuvers.

In Upper Moon 2, Doma describes this skill by stating that Kanao can be more adept than Shinobu.

Kanao is in complete control of her bodily actions. She can completely shut off her breathing when fighting Doma to keep her from the cold fog Doma produces. This lets her fight with him hand-to-hand without taking risks with her lung capacity. Kanao utilizes this breathing technique. Kanae Kocho has also used this breathing technique and instructed her to use it.

14. Susumaru

Susamaru is a bit playful. However, she is extremely bold and absurd, constantly smiling and never letting go of an obstacle. Susamaru was a fairly strong demon, demonstrated by her Blood Demon Art and displaying skills in fighting.

13. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho, the show’s main character, is also the most well-known secondary character. She is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and is the older sister to Kanae Kocho and her adopted younger sister Kanao Tsuyuri.

12. Hinatsuru

Many of us would be hesitant to enter the city’s district to discover an evil spirit lurking there. But Hinatsuru, one of the spouses of Uzui Tengen, did not hesitate to take on the task and completed it.

Hinatsuru began her training as a Kunoichi (Female Ninja) in her early years and became highly skilled in intelligence gathering.

Furthermore, as an experienced Kunoichi, she could discern the hidden Demon amid the many Yoshiwahara courtesans.

Hinatsuru is not only Hinatsuru capable of drinking poison to avoid danger, but she also assisted her husband during the fight against the Upper Moon Six regardless of the injuries she sustained.

Yet, despite all of these accomplishments, Hinatsuru is the most charming of the three wives and, being the oldest, is often portrayed as an older sister figure in them.

11. Suma

Being the youngest of Uzui’s three wives Suma appears to be the sweetest Kunoichi you’ll ever encounter in the anime.

She is a kunoichi, and the wife of Demon Slayer, Tengen Uzui. Although it’s not clear that she’s a particularly tough Ninja, Tengen appears to have faith in her abilities, even allowing her to study the movements of the demons of higher rank with the wives of her partners. Suma is akin to Zenitsu in being emotionally triggered in ordinary circumstances.

10. Daughter Spider Demon 

The elder younger sister Spider Demon appeared when Tanjiro and his companions came across one of the Twelve Blood Moon Kizuki for the first time. The body count for her is 80 people. But, despite being strong enough, she was not a match for Rui. Additionally, the insect, Hashira Shinobu, could defeat her easily.

9. Serpent Demon

The Serpent Demon was among the most powerful female demons.

She even is worshiped by Iguro’s family. However, there isn’t much known about the Demon other than that she was said to have an unsavory attraction to Obanai. The past was when the Twelve Kizuki had sent Hashiras to take her down, and they completed the job without struggle.

Therefore, the power of The Serpent Demon was likely beneath that of the Twelve Kizuki.

8. Kie Kamado

This list would not be complete without the sweet and loving maternal figure in Kamado Household.

After Kie Kamado was divorced from her husband in the early years, she meticulously cared for their six children.

The remarkable lady managed her family’s well-being throughout the hardships of many years all by herself.

Other than Nezuko, along with Tanjiro, Kie and the whole Kamado Family died at the show’s very beginning. It was the Demon King Muzan himself, engaged in a vicious attack on the family and immediately taking them all to the grave.

Whatever, Kie’s dedication to her children was resilient enough to get her through life and death.

She is often seen in the dreams of the Kamado brothers throughout the entire series to protect them from danger.

7. Tamayo

Tamayo’s history is one of the most heartbreaking stories in the series.

She was married with children before becoming severely ill, which led her to meet Muzan, who offered to help her by changing her into the form of a demon.

Tamayo managed to beat her illness by becoming a demon. However, after she lost her human rationale Tamayo was able to eat her entire family shortly after.

Looking for a chance to revenge, she went with Muzan on his journey for several centuries before being able to release herself from the control of his demon cell.

With her vengeance not working, Tamayo had since distanced herself from the demon lord and dedicated herself to helping the victims of his demon lord instead.

6. Daki

The anime fans have to wait to see Daki; however, they had a glimpse of her in the Demon Slayer Season 2 trailer.

Daki has been identified as the principal villain in Entertainment District Arc and is one of the upper-rank Demons directly for Muzan Kibutsuji.

Daki has incredible strength and can kill her foe with only a single punch. Daki’s strength is unmatched, making her one of the most powerful characters from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba.

5. Nakime Otokawa

The Demon was first assigned to summon demons to Infinity Castle. Infinity Castle to aid Muzan during the battle. Ultimately, because of the demise of Hantengu, her position was elevated to the rank of Upper-Rank Four.

Before becoming a demon, Nakime had been an unprofessional Biwa player married to a gambler. After finding out that her husband was gambling on the dress she was scheduled to wear for a show, her husband was killed, and she went to the stage wearing a worn-out dress.

She realized that her biwa sounds better when she plays following the commission of an act of murder, as she has done it ever since. Later, she was invited by Muzan to serve as his assistant.

4. Aoi Kazanaki 

A Demon Slayer Corps member who is seldom seen in the front line. Aoi typically works as an assistant in the Butterfly Mansion. Even though she is only an assistant, she can pass an exam called the Final Selection, making her an effective Demon Slayer.

But, she decided to study under Shinobu instead of healing wounded Demon Slayers. Aoi can also repair simple things, like her ability to assist in repairing the box used to transport Nezuko around. Aoi can also be found making use of Water Breathing techniques.

The tough medic from The stern medic of the Butterfly Mansion, Aoi, is among the most well-known characters in the series supporting cast.

She is especially well-known within the fandom because she is the primary ship for one of the most prominent characters, Inosuke Hashibira.

Although she has become a full-time Demon Slayer after passing the final round, she claims it is not her fault.

The young lady stopped being a part of the corps’s backline.

But Aoi has helped Tanjiro and his team throughout the tournament. Aoi is always attentive to post-battle injuries and assists them with their training.

Furthermore, her abilities can’t be undervalued as a medic or a Demon Slayer.

3. Ruka Rengoku

The manga portrays her as gentle, kind and graceful. Ruka Rengoku depicted as having strong morals and teaches Kyojuro how important it is to live his existence and the necessity of using his strength to defend vulnerable people worldwide.

The Rengoku Family is a family that has been hunting down demons for many generations. Being Hashira is our utmost joy. As her father did, Ruka Rengoku will be an outstanding Hashira. Keep the fire burning in your soul. 

The evil demons will be burned and shine softly on humans. Make your heart a fire as bright as the sun. Change into the Flame Hashira.

2. Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji deadly and has a total desire to kill. It’s no wonder she’s a demon hunter with very little emotion. Incredibly, she’s also a lover of hashira, which contrasts her personality.

However, she’s blessed with decent height and a pink-green, velvety hairstyle that falls to her arm’s length. Furthermore, she has light green eyes that seem inviting and can engulf anyone.

1. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado is the most adorable as well as the most powerful female Demon of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Her strength increases dramatically as the show progresses.

She could fight against a character similar to Giyuu at the show’s start. The strength of her body is equal to that of the demons of Upper rank. She is also able to shrink and grow her size. Her Blood Demon art is also extremely effective, and she has already saved Tanjiro through its assistance against Rui from the anime series.

She was also the first Demon to create resistance to sunlight.