Bear Pokemon

Bear Pokemon: 17 Best Bear Ranked All Time

There are many different bear species, from the Arctic polar bear to the enormous panda that enjoys bamboo. All of them served as inspiration for the Pokemon creators. When they were initially introduced, each of these bear Pokemon brought something fresh to the franchise, whether it was a distinctive appearance or the ability to be an effective teammate.

17. Stufful:  Full Of Cuteness Pokemon

Bear Pokemon

Stufful is a cute bear Pokemon that was first seen in Generation 7.

It resembles a stuffed animal. It has soft fur, just like a teddy bear, but you shouldn’t pet it without permission.

In Pokemon Moon, it is described as having a frenzy if touched by anybody other than a recognized buddy.

Although it has a lot of power, its little frame can’t withstand it.

Therefore it frequently trips over when doing techniques like Brutal Swing. It’s worth developing a close relationship with this Pokemon, despite its initial reluctance, not only for its strength but also so you may pet it.

16. Spinda Dizzy Bear Pokemon

Bear Pokemon

It’s everyone’s favorite dizzy bear from Generation III. Spinda has no known evolutionary history and no recognized secondary forms.

Despite having a distinctive hue, this Normal-type Pokemon is classified as a panda bear. Spinda is modeled after a red panda and resembles a rabbit in appearance. The whirling patterns on their body inspired the creation of this Pokemon.

Spinda has two pretty powerful attacks. Both physical attacks are of the Normal-type set and have 120 power. The lower of these two techniques, Double-Edge, which Spinda learns at level 46, can deal recoil damage to your Pokemon.

15. Groudon

Bear Pokemon

Here is Groudon, the final of our three rather bear submissions. Groudon now definitely has the correct type of stature to be a bear, unlike Smoochum and Banette.

A massive, earth-shattering bear with armor. Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Omega Ruby’s game mascot is a Groudon.

Groudon, one of the three bear Pokemon of the weather trio, is referred to in their Pokedex description as the “Continent Pokemon” (alongside Kyogre and Rayquaza).

To reduce the water level and increase the number of habitats for land-based Pokemon, Team Magma is attempting to capture and use Groudon.

Even though Groudon has bear characteristics like claws, its biology is meant to resemble a dinosaur rather than any living forest mammal.

14. Banette Teddy Bear Pokemon

Bear Pokemon

More than anything else, Banette reminds me of a creepy, insane teddy bear Pokemon.

This Pokemon made us think of the vintage Zippy plush from Rainbow, assuming Zippy had been a gloomy Ghost-type.

It’s absurd enough to think that a doll-like Pokemon might suddenly come to life after being discarded, so including Banette on this list isn’t all that horrible.

Banette is an excellent Pokemon on your squad if you’re searching for a powerful Ghost-type with a bad attitude.

13. Smoochum Popular Kissing Pokemon

Let us explain the inclusion of Smoochum on this list.

Although the popular kissing Pokemon Smoochum doesn’t seem like a typical bear pokemon, they have some similarities.

Since Smoochum uses their lips to help them inspect items, they apply tree sap daily to keep them moisturized.

In addition to rubbing up against trees to use the sap as an insect repellant, many bears will remove the bark from trees so they may consume the sapwood.

In the past, a kind of bear mainly lived in caves. There is also the fact that smoochum may be discovered in cities or caverns.

12. Cubchoo Runny Nose Bear Pokemon

Bear Pokemon

This freezing cub may be able to connect to you if you’ve ever been left alone outside in the cold.

Cubchoo, as its name indicates, is a bear Pokemon with a perpetual runny nose.

Some people might find it a little off-putting that a Pokemon is based on cold symptoms, but Cubchoo leverages this idea to its advantage, creating a cute and well-thought-out design.

If you enjoy employing Pokemon of the Ice, this youngster should be used on your squad. Just make sure you have one, two, or 10 tissues available.

11. Munchlax

Bear Pokemon

A young evolution of Snorlax is Munchlax has the same excitement for eating as its evolved version across all of its Pokedex entries.

He stores food beneath its fur, much like bears in the real world must hoard food before hibernating.

His companion that followed Mai of the Diamond Clan around and was reared with her as a brother gives this Gen 4 Pokemon its chance to shine in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

It deserves to hold its place as one of the most well-liked newborn Pokemon and ups the cuteness quotient.

10. Teddiursa Spectacular Pokemon

But it’s barely powerful enough to push its way into eleventh place!

Teddiursa originally debuted in the Game Boy Color titles Pokemon Gold and Silver from the second generation.

When it comes to numbers, Teddiursa isn’t the most spectacular bear Pokemon. It has average Attack and HP, but all other categories are unimpressive.

Look at how cuddly Teddiursa is, and you can see that cuteness is definitely on its side.

Keep reading to find out just what kind of monster Teddiursa may become!

9. Pancham Cute Panda Pokemon

Bear Pokemon

Instead of being threatening, it’s cute!

Pancham, a sixth-generation Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Y, isn’t going to light the globe on fire with its power as Teddiursa did.

He have respectable Attack, HP, and Defense numbers.

Like Teddiursa, He is most significant selling point is what it can develop into, which you’ll discover if you keep reading the list of the top Bear Pokemon!

8. Snorlax Giant Pokemon

Bear Pokemon

Snorlax is a giant, oblong, fluffy monster that enjoys sleeping.

In the original Pokemon games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, Snorlax originally appeared as a significant, sluggish barrier.

Although Snorlax might not be the first Pokemon that comes to mind when considering the strongest, it has an above-average Attack stat and a remarkable amount of HP, thanks to all the sleep.

With the main issue being poor Speed, which lets it down, Def isn’t that bad either. Nevertheless, despite its poor Speed, Snorlax is a strong contender for the top Bear Pokemon list.

7. Kubfu Legendary Pokemon

A Legendary Pokemon of the Fighting type, was recently added to the Pokedex; it originally appeared in the generation 8 video games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Kubfu is another Pokemon with average numbers although it does have a respectable Attack stat and an adequate, if not exceptional, Speed.

As you further down this list, you’ll discover that Kubfu is another Bear Pokemon whose evolution (or possibly evolutions plural, considering the odd nature of how it evolves) is one to watch!

6. Ursaluna Bear Pokemon

Bear Pokemon

A Pokemon of the Normal and Ground types, Ursaluna develops from Ursaring, which itself descended from Teddiursa.

Ursaluna wasn’t featured until very recently in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, despite Teddiursa and Ursaring having quite the Pokemon pedigree.

Ursaluna has excellent HP, far superior Attack, and a respectable Defense stat but has mediocre Sp. Atk and Speed.

It would suit well in the top seven Bear Pokemon position in a Pokemon party!

5. Beartic Ice type Bear Pokemon

Bear Pokemon

This monster certainly has a terrifying appearance!

Beartic is an Ice type of Bear Pokemon that resembles a polar bear.

It initially appeared in the Pokemon Black and White games from generation five.

If you raise a Cubchoo to level 37 , you’ll obtain a Beartic.

It’s most excellent stats are Attack and HP, although it also has average Defense and Sp numbers.

4. Pangoro Threatening Bear Pokemon

This cute little Pancham has developed into a Fighting and Dark-type Pokemon.

Pancham’s attempt to appear threatening fails because it is so charming, but Pangoro, who appears threatening, succeeds!

Additionally, Pangoro’s stats significantly outperform those of its base form. Although it stands out as a particularly lethal Pokemon because of its Attack.

It is also supported by above-average HP, so it can easily withstand some damage.

Unfortunately, the remainder of its statistics isn’t quite as outstanding.

Like quite a few Bears on this list, their Speed is what most disappoints.

However, its strong Attack and great HP are enough to place it among the top three Bears Pokemon.

3. Bewear Adorable Pokemon

Bear Pokemon

Stufful evolves into Bewear at level 27.

Their looks don’t alter much, but they can stand up on their hind legs, which makes them extremely adorable.

In their later stages, Bewear can learn two powerful techniques. These are Superpower and Double-Edge.

Both have a 120-watt power rating and 100 percent accuracy. While Double-Edge may be used 15 times, Superpower can only be utilized five times.

2. Ursaring Strong Bear Pokemon

When Teddiursa reaches level 30, it evolves into Ursaring, a Pokemon from the second generation.

It makes up for its lack of Speed with strong HP, powerful Attack, and reliable numbers for Defense and Sp. Sp and Atk. Def.

It undergoes a complex procedure to transform into Ursaluna. Pokemon Legends: Arceus players utilize a Peat Block while a full moon is in the sky.

But in terms of stat consistency, Ursaring is a far more reliable bear Pokemon.

That is what places it firmly among the top two Bear Pokemon!

1. Urshifu Powerful Bear Pokemon

Kubfu and Urshifu have not yet made an appearance in any Pokemon animation. It is one of the strongest bear Pokemon in the series, though.

The Fighting, Dark-type Single Strike Style Urshifu in Sword & Shield will evolve if players practice their Kubfu in the Tower of Darkness.

The Fighting, Water-type Rapid Strike Style Urshifu, which has an entirely distinct move set, happens if a player chooses to train their Kubfu in the Tower of Waters.

You will be given the Rapid Strike Style by Urshifu if you take on and defeat the Tower of Water,

Urshifu is a fantastic option for Pokemon since it possesses tremendous Attack, above-average Speed, high HP, and even Defense.

Its special Attack and Special Defense aren’t the strongest, but it can be overlooked, given how good it is in all other categories.

All of these factors combine to make Urshifu, in any form, our top pick for the finest Bear Pokemon!

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