Top 20 Best Anime Games

“Let’s all have fun and play together.” – No Game No Life

Now is the perfect moment to become an avid gamer of anime. There is a myriad of amazing games that not only show the artistic flair that makes anime unique, however but are also enjoyable games to play on a mechanical level. Here’s an overview of the top 20 titles. The best anime games that you’ll enjoy playing in case you’re an avid Japanese manga and anime fan.

20. D-Frag!

The school club, whether it focuses on producing horror stories, rearing livestock, or idol training, is a well-loved anime cliche. Game Development Club is the club in the case of D-Frag!. D-Frag is essentially a slice-of-life anime with a strong focus on gamers. With this idea, it could very easily turn into a generic example of its genre, but it never does.

Instead, the show has enough quirky character development and style to keep viewers interested. The players switch games frequently enough to keep things interesting, and the show occasionally injects true oddity to leave viewers guessing about where the story will go next.

19. Gamers!

It’s challenging to make the titles even more obvious. This programme does not, however, take a comprehensive look at e-sports or the gaming industry.

It is a romantic comedy in which gaming serves as the main plot device.

The traditional gamer who prefers to stay at home and play his computer all day is our protagonist.

When the popular girl invites him to join the gaming group, everything changes. The majority of the romance, humour, misunderstandings, and games occur inside of this club.

Although the show doesn’t only focus on gaming, the characters are obviously gamers and have a lot in common with one another.

18. Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris

Following the release of the most recent season of Sword Art Online, Bandai Namco made a game that was largely based on the anime in an effort to cash in on its success. Although it mostly sticks to the scenario from the anime, there are still gaps and side plots. The fighting combines elements of the standard action-RPG genre with a more tactical fighting style for boss battles.

Overall, this game is only passable, but because we’re talking about the top anime games, it wouldn’t be fair to omit Sword Art Online.

17. Disgaea

A top-down, turn-based, tactical role-playing game is Disgaea. The Fire Emblem series and Final Fantasy Tactics share a lot of parallels. Disgaea has a peculiar sense of comedy that adds spice to the often serious tone of a tactical RPG. The game is also approachable for both veterans and newcomers to the tactical RPG genre; you can play it casually or grind it to the limit to reach those 9999 damage stats for your favorite characters.

16. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle 

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle, which will soon receive a relaunch, is a fantastic game that includes the majority of the series’ most adored characters. Fans can team up with some of their favorite characters to participate in exciting stand battles.

15. The King’s Avatar

The King’s Avatar is a video game anime that focuses on the esports sector and follows Ye Xiu, a top player who gets expelled from his professional team and takes a job as the night manager at an internet cafe. Ye returns to the game he loves when a new server opens, starting the arduous climb up from nothing.

While guilds are drawn to Ye’s outstanding talent and encyclopaedic knowledge of the game, he finds it difficult to re-learn and adjust to a version of it that has altered since he last played. The series is one of the few video game animes that truly grasps how MMOs function, and it helps that the anime is gorgeous.

The King’s Avatar examines the harsh truths of the competitive landscape, where games occasionally no longer feel like play at all.

14. Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles

Demon Slayer, also known as Kimetsu No Yaiba, is one of the best animes to come out recently. Players should check out The Hinokami Chronicles if they want to discover the several different move sets that the characters from the anime have. If you think you’re skilled enough, you’ll be able to compete against gamers from across the world in an arena battle where you’ll primarily be fighting an AI-controlled foe. There is a story mode in the game as well, which plays through the first few chapters of the manga.

13. God Eater Trilogy

The God Eater trilogy could be thought of as an animated adaptation of the legendary Monster Hunter series. In this game, you too hunt various enemies, but there’s a twist: You can instantly switch your weapon between ranged and melee attacks. One of the best “Monster Hunter Clones” available, it tells a much more interesting tale than Monster Hunter. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and the PC all support this anime Monster Hunter game.

12. Overlord

The pure isekai Overlord. It does, however, adhere to the game format more closely than most. Ainz, the protagonist, must nevertheless use his gaming experience to score significant triumphs despite being overpowering.

For instance, understanding which item to use when, which spell to employ against certain foes, what situations he performs poorly in, and so forth.

Ultimately, Ainz was simply an ordinary gamer before he was isekai’d. He still exhibits the obvious awkwardness that we can all identify with.

11. Pokemon: Sword And Shield

The most recent Pokemon mainline game is called Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can choose from three starter Pokemon in this game, which has a typical setup, and you’ll soon be ready to take on the world as a Pokemon champion. Sword and Shield is an improvement over earlier games since it started with 2D graphics. The absence of chance encounters in this game allows you to pick your battles carefully and makes moving through grassy meadows and gloomy caverns much less tiresome.

10. Attack On Titan 2

Attack On Titan’s premise was ideal for a video game adaptation. In 2016, the initial video game was released. To put it mildly, it was quite underwhelming and uneven. The general consensus among fans was that there was a lot of space for development.

Fans were pleased with the second video game in the series debut because it marked a major improvement over the first. A more immersive experience was provided by this sequel, which had improved movement and battle features as well as character customization options that let users incorporate their own personalities into the narrative.

9. Bleach DS

Though you might not think it, one of the best fighting games on the DS was Bleach DS. The DS was a surprisingly good handheld for fighting games. The fact that each character in Bleach has a special weapon and that each weapon has a super-effective bankai form makes the series ideal for a 2D fighting game. Characters in the Bleach DS series, true to the series, have fast shunpo dashes that enable them to close distance quickly and result in awesome combos, some characters have powerful transformative bankai that increase their badassness, and on top of that, its detailed sprites faithfully represent the show even on the DS’s small screen.

8. Gundam Battle Assault 2

The fighting mechanics in Gundam Battle Assault 2 are outstanding. Every anime video game needs to distinguish out from the competition because combat is the main focus of the majority of these games. The gameplay in Gundam Battle Assault 2 is excellent and focuses on mecha skills.

Gundam Battle Assault 2’s fighting mechanisms are immaculately dependable in contrast to other anime games. Additionally, gamers might take pleasure in the element of competition. It is obvious that Gundam Battle Assault 2 is a cut above the others with its Metacritic score of 80.

7. One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece Pirate Warriors, the most recent instalment in the series, fits the genre better than any other anime properties that the developer Omega Force has given the Musou treatment to. It would be on this list only for the enjoyable core gameplay, which lets you use recognisable characters and unique series moves to wreak havoc on literally tens of thousands of foes. It also includes a remarkably thorough retelling of most of One Piece’s key arcs. Although it’s difficult to suggest as a replacement for viewing all 900+ episodes or reading 1000 chapters of manga, it does at least let you relive many significant events in video game form.

6. ni no kuni wrath of the white witch

Fans of anime, video games, or happiness shouldn’t miss Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, whether they are unapologetic Ghibli aficionados or have never heard of Miyazaki. Ghibli permeates every aspect of Ni No Kuni, from the stunning artwork to the moving narrative. Turn-based gameplay, cinematic sequences, and an overworld you may roam while grinding through it are all hallmarks of a JRPG, as you might imagine.

There is an anime-inspired game out there for every anime genre. The unique aspect of Ni No Kuni that sets it apart from the majority of JRPGs is how meticulously made each component is. The superb Studio Ghibli-drawn art has aged beautifully (especially with the PS4 remake), the narrative progresses smoothly, and taking on sidequests reduces the amount of slogging even further.

5. Death Parade

When a person dies, their souls don’t immediately proceed to the afterlife; instead, they first pass through an unidentified bar between worlds. The soul is made to participate in Death Games in the bar, the results of which expose the secrets that led to their current situation and determine whether they will be reincarnated or exiled from existence. Decim the bartender and his assistant supervise the games as the arbiters.

4. Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity

Due to the first Fast & Furious movie and the Initial D anime, street racing began to become more popular in the early 2000s. We received the first Initial D Arcade Stage cabinets internationally a few years later. Players can record their progress and, more crucially, their personalised cars using a physical card system so they can compete against other players in-person. Arcade Stage 8 Infinity’s soundtrack has the always popular Eurobeat soundtrack that the anime is famous for and that is still utilised in memes today, along with certain tale aspects from the Initial D series. Sega put a lot of thought into this arcade experience, as evidenced by the small nods to the source material in the courses and cars themselves. Stage 8 of Initial D Arcade demonstrates how far the arcade series has advanced through the years.

3. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto

With the sixth entry in the long-running franchise, the Ultimate Ninja Storm series was finally finished. And boy, did it end in a whirlwind. The much-loved Ultimate Jutsu and Awakenings battle techniques returned in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, and the ability to swap between characters in the middle of a battle raised the enjoyment quotient of the game even further. The story mode concluded all of the anime’s concluding chapters and made sure to present the largest ninja confrontations as grandiose boss battles as possible. The cherry on top of Naruto’s best entry into arena combatants is the wonderful DLC addition of Boruto’s first voyage.

2. Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

The development of intense fighting games featuring a diverse roster of characters is nothing new for Capcom. One of Capcom’s many fantastic games, the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, is a superb illustration of this trait.

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars was another noteworthy game produced by Capcom. The game includes both the characters from Tatsunoko Production’s series and all the popular Capcom gaming stars. Any fan of Capcom’s Vs. series should play Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom since it is a fantastic fighting game.

Fighting games are the staple of the anime world, and Dragon Ball FighterZ personifies this more than any other game. One of the greatest fighting video games of its generation is Dragon Ball FighterZ, which was created by Arc System Work, the same company that created the fantastic Guilty Gear series.

1. Dragon Ball FighterZ

As a result of its high quality, Dragon Ball FighterZ became a competitive E-sports game. As a result of the game’s abundance of well-balanced characters, players can take part in epic battles with other players.