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You have probably encountered a character type known as a Cat girl if you are an anime lover. A person who exhibits cat traits is referred to as a Cat girl or Nekomimi. There are many different catgirl characters, and they are all unique. See 17 top recommendations for the finest anime catgirls by See how your favorite performs by reading and reviewing.

18. Cyan Hijirikawa Rock Star Cat Girl

Cat Girl

Ever seen a cat girl in rock star attire?

Here you discovered Cyan.

We are all admirers of rock stars, and Cyan likes to win people over with her talent for performing and adorable appearance. She constantly blushes, giving off pink cheeks at the smallest of things.

As a cute anime girl, Cyan is primarily well-known, and her cosplays are also well-liked.

Due to her appearance like a doll cat girl she has a unique place in the hearts of otakus.

17. Ao Nanami Friendly Cat Girl

Cat Girl

Ao is as innocent and friendly as she seems.

Her brilliant blue eyes and light blue hair make her look stunning and difficult to miss.

Her extraordinary powers encompass both message transmission and mind reading. Therefore, lying is not a suitable strategy while speaking with this girl because it is difficult to keep anything from her.

If you appreciate females who like unwittingly entertaining people with their characteristics, I promise Ao Nanami is the one.

16. Millianna Cute Cat girl

Cat Girl

Fairy Tail always comes in first when discussing girls.

The kindest and most compassionate person is Millianna.

One of her most vital traits is her willingness to apologise if she learns she made a mistake.

It is always entertaining to see this upbeat and energetic woman on television.

You should not despise this cute individual if you appreciate a person with a positive outlook on life.

She was friends with Jellal when they were children, but following a string of events, things changed.

She now intends to exact particular forms of retribution on him.

15. Tsumiki Miniwa

Cat Girl

Tsumiki has lovely long purple hair that complements her delicate frame.

My friends, you are mistaken if you believe that this girl is very kind and won’t say anything even if you screw with her.

Making this little girl furious is not wise because she will respond by going above and above the call of duty. But it won’t turn her into a nasty person.

Tsumiki cherishes and cares for her pals. In addition, she tends to hold back when it comes to showing emotion.

14. Kuune Beautiful Cat Girl

Meet and greet Kuune, another character from Cat Planet Cuties.

Kuune is the queen of a million hearts, beautiful cat girl and enjoys surprising people with both her on- and off-screen beauty.

In addition to having otaku as admirers, she also excites lads on television.

She is somewhat susceptible and often accepts the advice of her allies. For that one reason, we may consider her innocent.

Like one fan, she frequently wears form-fitting clothing.

This makes her persona fascinating.

Boys, especially if you have to go to a formal meeting.

13. Chaika Mesmerising Cat Girl

Cat Girl

The leader of the analysis squad is this nekomimi with grey hair.

Although she is a grown female, you can mistake her for being a young child because of her trait.

She is audacious and self-assured enough to claim her sexuality.

Chaika is adored worldwide because of her energising energy, which is visible at first glance. Chaika is well known for her mesmerising eyes.

She is like known most anime cat girl for their distinctive traits and attractiveness.

12. Ichigo Momomiya Cute Cat Girl

Cat Girl

One of the list’s loveliest and friendliest cat girl is Ichigo.

This cute kitty girl, who plays the main character, has a variety of traits.

Ichigo is a dependable friend who shows her loved ones nothing but affection.

She has strong emotions, and she can’t control them when she becomes aroused or upset.

She is already in love with her partner. Therefore it would not be a brilliant idea if you fall for her.

11. Ibaraki Douji 

Ibaraki has heterochromia with hair that is two distinct colours.

She is one of the best cat girl in anime, which is easy to understand.

It is challenging to keep our hearts from her because she is endearing.

She is as intelligent as she appears and never hesitates to take on challenging jobs.

She also enjoys drinking and has a little uncompromising attitude.

She lives for her love of alcohol. Her attraction to drinking is easy to determine since she has made it her career. Yes, she sells alcohol and has excellent skills in distilling various liqueurs.

10. Vanilla Cat Girl

Outside of their shared passion for Kashou, Vanilla and her twin sister Chocola are very different.

Vanilla has vanilla white hair, whereas her sibling has chocolate brown hair.

The younger one Vanilla is typically somewhat distant and uncommunicative while interacting with others.

People sometimes assume she is not as lovely or sympathetic as her sister because of her aloofness, yet nothing could be farther from reality.

9. Coconut 

The tallest of the Minaduki sisters, Coconut appears to be the most mature.

She is the third youngest despite this being only Chocola and Vanilla are older.

Due to the conflicting aspects of her temperament, Coconut surpasses her sisters.

Also being one of the youngest, she is the most mature of her siblings. She wants to be perceived as attractive rather than challenging despite being the tallest and least tiny.

Coconut has impressive looks, but she also has a fantastic personality.

8. Alicia Rue Cat fairy

Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and his wife, Asuna Yuuki, are shown as they explore numerous virtual reality realms in the Sword Art Online television series.

Between 2002 to 2008, the narrative was first published as a web book. Later, it evolved into a manga series and, finally, an anime series.

The leader of the Cai Sith, or “Cat fairy family,” Alicia Rue, has several catgirl characteristics. She has a small frame, cat ears, and a cattail.

As opposed to how they are typically depicted, Alicia’s cat ears are situated down the side of her head as a human.

She emphasises her catgirl attributes by using clawed weapons and wearing a bell collar around her neck.

7. Himari Noihara

Himari appears as a young anime cat girl in her teenage years with a curvy figure.

She has hip-length, blue-black hair with side bangs that frame her face and front bangs that cascade over her forehead (longer bangs in the anime).

Typically wears a pink ribbon holding her hair in a long ponytail.

She starts looking like a white cat with purple eyes in both forms. She is one of the top anime catgirls overall.

6. Karyl Spy Cat Girl

Tsundere Karyl (also known as Kyaru) is easily irritated.

She may act brutally, yet she has a gentle heart on the inside.

She co-founds the guild Gourmet Edifice alongside Kokkoro, Pecorine, and Yuuki.

She first works for Kaiser as a spy but ultimately develops a bond with her targets.

She possesses the might of a Princess Knight, and she can take control of several creatures.

5. Blair Beautiful Cat Girl

Soul Eater is the home of our next kitty lady. Like most cat girls, Blair has a beautiful physique filled with generous curves and good breasts.

She is a feline magician. She makes an appearance in Soul and Maka’s prologue when they kill her by mistaking her for a witch (she uses a humanoid physique).

She enjoys playing with Soul. She frequently refers to the witches’ festival but is a supernatural cat.

She lives with Soul and Maka and is highly drawn to him and enjoys spending money on new underwear, having fun, and eating fish. Her spells are geared at Halloween and pumpkins.

She doesn’t have a significant part in the Soul Eater sequel, although she can battle the Mizune and the Wandering Dutchman. In Eibon’s novel, she takes part in Kid’s rescue team.

4. Koneko Toujou

At Kuoh Academy, Koneko is a high school student.

She is one of the uncommon Nekomata species.

She acquires a pair of twin tails and white ears in her Nekomata form.

Koneko may appear cold and aloof initially, but when her friends need her, she is there for them.

She starts acting more like a cat once she gets past her fear of practising Senjutsu.

She is not only powerful but she finally outperforms Kuroka, her older sister.

3. Rem Galleu

Takuma Sakamoto is a guy who is taken from his human world to the virtual world in the How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord series.

Takuma takes on the role of the Demon Lord during his stay, travelling the globe with his two attractive female attendants, Rem and Shera, to help him get home.

Rem Galleu is a Pantherian invoker and adventurer who has the spirit of the Demon King Krebskrem. She has a cattail, cat ears, and long, black hair that falls to her waist.

Rem is a little emotionally uncomfortable cat girl. She tends to keep to herself more often than not, especially when contrasted to Shera, her well-endowed counterpart.

2. Yoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi, a character from the Bleach manga and anime series, embodies all a catgirl should be.

She can shift into a black cat and spends a significant amount of the first and second seasons acting like a cat.

She has a lot of cat traits in her demeanour. She also has a transition later in the book that transforms her into a catgirl (complete with cat ears and tail).

Yoruichi excels in so many catgirl characteristics that it is impossible to place her anywhere other than at the top, even though catgirls might differ in quality and what makes each one unique.

1. Neferpitou Villain Cat girl

The feline Royal Guard of the Ant King Meruem is known as Neferpitou (or Pitou).

She is a chimaera like other Ants, but what sets her apart are her Cat-like traits and looks.

Neferpitou is a powerful, devoted, and deadly woman.

She is the ideal combination of cuteness and badassness, but because she is also a villain, it is simple to both adore and despise her. It makes sense why the protagonist despises her.

Neferpitou isn’t entirely horrible, of course. She conceals a sensitivity underneath her more formidable appearance, which primarily manifests itself while discussing the King.

It manifests itself, for instance, when she begs Gon to permit her to finish healing Komugi, who was struck and seriously injured by the Dragon Dive.

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