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12 Cute Anime Of All Time

The saying goes that cuteness sells in the East the same way that women’s rights are popular in the West (they aren’t actually).

However, I’ve heard someone mention that, and I thought it was pertinent to talk about it. Because Japan is the land of cute anime!

cute anime
cute anime

And while we’re on the subject of that – we’ll talk about the most adorable anime and the most popular ones to know about.

A List Of Cute Anime Shows Worth Watching:

Hanayamata is among the anime we refer to as ” cute girls doing cute things.” Similar to the shows such as Love Live.

1. Hanayamata

What differentiates a show from Hanayamata is the fact that it’s created by Madhouse and has no fan support whatsoever.

Yet, the show is about a group of girls who meet at high school and then perform the Japanese dance known as Yasekoi.

It’s a fun and lighthearted show that is enjoyable to enjoy when you don’t need to engage in anything important or deep. Instead, you want to take in something light, without tropes, fan service or anything else that you’d consider excessive or inappropriate.

Of course, the characters from anime (girls) are as cute as you can get… and without becoming excessively “exaggerated” about it.

2. K-On

K-On is one of the most acclaimed in the slice of life genre of anime. In actuality, K-On was the first pioneer of the now-famous “Moe” culture in anime.

You can be grateful to Kyoto Animation for that since Kyoto Animation is the one responsible for these kinds of shows, illustrations characters, styles and characters of animation.

As opposed to your typical school show K-On has no storyline to K-On. It’s basically an animated series that is about absolutely nothing.

  • The characters meet after school.
  • Have tea and cakes for breakfast.
  • For a group, you can call it “after school tea time”.
  • Also, work on the lyrics and sing in a group.

That’s the end ofit.

What you will get between the episodes and moments is a plethora of laughs that will make you scream laughing. There are also some heart-warming episodes that will enthrall your heart until it bursts.

3. Quintessential Quintuplets

Quintessential Quintuplets is proving to be a ” cute anime series with more subtleties than other shows.

Futaro discovers himself in desperate need of work to pay off his family’s debt. He ends up becoming the teacher of 5 twins from a wealthy family.

Everyone is fearful to their own degree and is a nuisance to manage or does not take a keen interest in their studies or have a good academic record.

This is a problem for Futaro since he’s expected to serve as their tutor and he’s obligated to make enough money to pay his debt. That’s why what comes from that point has been fascinating to date.

They’re adorable and provide that vibe to the entire series. And then there’s Futaro’s adorable little sister!

4. Love Live School Idol Project ( cute anime )

Love Live School Idol Project The show is so well-known due to its nine main characters that it’s difficult not to discuss what a “CUTE” it is.

Another one of the “cute girls doing cute things” anime series that focus upon Idol culture. It’s a huge feature in Japan.

The West has also gotten the idol-craze thanks to shows like Love Live.

The heart-warming episodes, the plot characters, pure laughter, and how relatable they are (when things become serious) are part of the appeal.

It’s hard to get the expressions on their faces due to the way adorable they are.

5. Tamako Market

Tamako Market is produced by the same studio that produces K-On that is Kyoto Animation.

There are a few similar styles and faces that Kyoto Animation is known for.

I’m not going to say much about it, but this is among the most enjoyable anime series I’ve watched in the history of watching anime.

In the beginning:

  • The animation is fantastic and comes from Kyoto Animation.
  • “The “feels” are mellow, comfortable The characters seem adorablein their own way.
  • There’s no fan service , or something that’s so stupid as to destroy everything.
  • It’s an easy series to start and isn’t too emotionally consuming (since the story isn’t too long).

Tamako Market is the kind of show you can watch after an exhausting day. It eases you into the show and gives you the taste of “Kawaii” while you’re at it too.

6. Kinmoza

Kinmoza’s adorableness can be explained better by images rather instead of words. The characters’ designs are cute and straightforward. The plot is also simple and childish.

That’s the reason Kinmoza is the type of anime that it is.

This isn’t an anime that you need contemplate or be wrapped into to really enjoy it, as it’s simple and straightforward.

7. Is The Order A Rabbit?

This is sort of an alternative kind that is a different version of “Kinmoza” – as it’s a cute girl’s anime that has no plot or story. But the girls are so cute that you stay on the screen.

If it’s just a cute anime series that you’re looking for, The Order A Rabbit? is a great choice.

8. Chuunibyou, Love, And Other Delusions

Chuunibyou is a colloquial term that means “teenager who believes they have supernatural powers”.

Or, in other words – someone who’s still a child and believes that they’re superheroes.

If that doesn’t stop you from watching this show that you’ll surely love it for the things it offers in terms of comedy, romance, cringe, and of course …. romance.

It’s not a Seinen show however I did enjoy the romance that developed between Yuuta with Rikka. Although it’s not fully developed yet due to the time delay to release the third season.

9. Alice & Zouroku

Alice And Zouroku is a great “pass time” anime series. The reason is that the story is simple, relaxing and easy to be absorbed into.

It’s almost like an ordinary life, even although this is Seinen or adventure. Also, Sana Kashimura is cute anime as it is!

That’s not even counting the battle scenes that you are likely to watch in this anime series (even when they’re rare and infrequent).

10. New Game!

New Game is a great animated series for those who are looking for programming and coding or even how the gaming industry functions behind the scenes.

The primary distinction in this instance is that New Game focuses on female characters and the industry is portrayed from a female point of perspective in the business.

As Umiko Ahagonfor instance, the main developer within Eagle Jump. Eagle Jump. The main character is Aoba Suzukaze an 18-year-old who has a dream of working creating video games for money.

Expressions, characters, and animation “Kawaii” is the literal style that you’ll observe from New Game. It’s also a lot older than other shows that fall under slices of life.

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11. Himouto! Umaru Chan

Himouto Umaru Chan is a slang term meaning “my two-faced little sister”. As Umaru Doma happens to be an ideal girl in outdoor activities and high school. With gorgeous looks and great marks.

On the other hand, she’s a tiny sh** that is apathetic and uninterested throughout the day. Inquiring her big brother to take care of her and eating potato chips as she plays video games.

However, all comedy and drama aside, this is the kind of charming series and isn’t without its flaws when it counts.

It’s difficult to get away from a show that is easy to watch, while also offering an array of hilarious comedy and adorable characters.

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12. Lucky Star

The final show worth mentioning in this list of “cute anime shows” is Lucky Star. And, surprise! – it’s made in collaboration with Kyoto Animation! The Moe is the king of Moe.

Like K-On, the characters appear younger in reality than they appear to be. Drawings that are likely to be more adorable than the character’s personality would suggest.

This is at least evident in the case of Konata Izumi as well as Kagami Hiiragi.

There’s no plot there, just a bunch of pretty girls from college who are avid gamers, otaku culture, and the snarkiness that goes along with it.

So I wouldn’t venture into Lucky Star expecting it to be an anime that is serious as it’s not. It’s a simple and cute anime .