Dog Pokemon : Ranked Top 20 of All Time

Since dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, the Pokemon universe is full of them. All of the Pokemon on this list are dog pokemon, or at least have canine characteristics. We also threw some fox Pokemon because there was nowhere else to put them and foxes are quite close relatives of dogs. They naturally belong in the dog family!

20. Zacian & Zamazenta

Some of Galar’s most fascinating Pokemon include Zacian & Zamazenta. The two legendaries that makeup Galar’s Hero Duo appear to have been carefully designed by the game’s creators.

Both Pokemon are related to the husky Dog, an animal with a unique history in England that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Zacian and Zamazenta appear to have drawn influence from different elements of the Arthurian Legend, with Zacian possibly alluding to Excalibur and Zamazenta possibly to Wynebgwrthucher, his shield.

19 . Growlithe

A Dog Pokemon of the Fire-type made its appearance in Generation I. When exposed to a Fire Stone, they transform into Arcanine.

Growlithe Pokemon has a bushy tail, more prominent hair tufts on its neck and head, and orange fur with black stripes.

Growlithe tiny man, a powerful and devoted Pokemon, will bravely defend its trainers from foes much more significant than themselves.

He is a spoof of the actual police canines that are used. He is pretty simple to raise, and with the proper care and training, he may grow to be a mighty Pokemon. 

Although it is used to be with children and work in nurseries or as a messenger in small towns, this Pokemon may also be a pet, live in a house, and enjoy life as a household Pokemon. Due to their cuteness and love of play, these Pokemon are more frequently seen as pets than as the property of trainers.

18. Smeargle Dog Pokemon

What, is it a dog? Yes, it is a question we also asked. Yes, it is a dog Pokemon. In actuality, it is based on the beagle dog breed. It resembles the hybrid offspring of a painter and a beagle.

It is obviously at the top of the list because, despite being the least dog-like of the group, it is still a dog. Smeargle itself is not the most well-known Pokemon, however. 

17. Granbull Dog Pokemon

Another Pokemon that strongly resembles a dog is Granbull, which stands on its hind legs like a bulldog. 

Along with the striking similarity to a bulldog, this Pokemon also has a black neckpiece that resembles a collar, significantly enhancing its entire image.

This Gen II Pokemon, now of the Fairy type, was initially released as a Normal type. It wasn’t changed to a Fairy-type until Generation VI Pokemon were released. 

Whatever the type, Granbull has strong attacks because of its size, but these are mitigated by how slowly it travels. 

It might be much more substantial if it weren’t moving so slowly.

16. Furfrou

Furfrou is the ideal choice for lovers who adore having the flexibility to customize your Pokemon. 

Sometimes it is known as the “Poodle Pokemon,” resembles a standard poodle rather literally. 

It is a Normal-type dog Pokemon with the most different forms, and its look can vary once groomed.

Although it is less well-known than other Pokemon that resemble dogs, It is quite strong. 

Although its attack stats aren’t the greatest, they are in the higher category. 

However, its speed makes up for any deficiencies in its offensive and defensive abilities. 

Due to lightning-quick speed, it frequently attacks before its adversary can respond.

15. Manectric Dog Pokemon

This dog-like Pokemon of the Electric type is one of the few to have a Mega form. 

Except for Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee and Legends: Arceus, Manectric has made spectacular appearances since Generation III.

Manectric is extremely quick in both its regular version and the Mega variant. 

It is one of the more powerful canine-like Pokemon because of its speed and continual discharge. 

Like Furfrou, it doesn’t have the best attack stats, and its defensive ratings aren’t the best, but its speed makes it such a potent Pokemon.

14. Boltund Dog Pokemon

Bound is another dog Pokemon of the Electric kind with a canine-like appearance. 

It develops from Yammer, sometimes known as the “Puppy Pokémon,” which resembles a Corgi quite a bit. The “Dog Pokémon” Boltund uses its electric abilities to increase its speed.

Despite being just an Electric-type Pokemon, it frequently combines Dark, Electric, Normal, and Fairy-type moves. 

It is advisable to use the Boltund’s speed and attack as those are the most significant attributes in whatever move combinations the user permits. 

This Pokemon’s rapid, effective attacks make it robust.

13. Stoutland Dog Pokemon

It’s customary to have Stoutland, or one of its former incarnations, as a companion for Pokemon lovers that prefer to spend more time in the chilly towns in each region. 

This dog Pokemon is distinguished by its terrier-like appearance and its pronounced mustache.

Stoutland has more to offer than just the ability to navigate the snow. 

It is a powerful Pokemon with stats that are all above average. Its defensive mechanism is superior to other canine-like Pokemon and ranks among the Pokemon with the most significant defense numbers. 

Its assault numbers are pretty high, in addition to being excellent on defense.

Although it may appear to be a giant lap dog, this Pokemon is capable of fighting back.

12. Yammer

Yammer, a Galarian Pokemon that is one of the more recent entrants to the Pokemon world, has one of the most recognizable looks. 

It should be recognizable to gamers as the little dog Pokemon who traveled with Sonia on all her journeys.

Yammer’s appearance is modeled off a Welsh Corgi. Although Yammer is slightly fatter than its real-life counterpart, they have similar body types. Given that Welsh Corgis are frequently connected to Elizabeth II, it seems fitting that they were used to create the Pokemon for the Galar area.

11. Ninetales

Another Pokemon that may have drawn inspiration from the Japanese kitsune is Ninetails, as the two share several morphological and mythical characteristics. 

Possible inspiration for the classic Gen I Fire-type came from the kyubi no kitsune, often known as the nine-tailed fox. That fits with the name and appearance of Ninetails.

Although similar to the original, Alolan Ninetails’ design appears to have drawn inspiration from other real-world sources. Its dex entries hint to the creators drawing influence from the Hawaiian goddess Poliahu, and its white fur coat is comparable to that of an Arctic fox.

10. Mightyena

The name of Mightyena immediately suggests what it was modeled after. The Gen III Dark-type has a hostile disposition to go along with its terrifying appearances, giving it the appearance of being a hybrid of a wolf, hyena, and Husky Dog.

Shiny Mightyena’s fur is brown and gold rather than grey and black. Except for the distinctive spots that give it its name, the spotted hyena has a similar appearance. 

With everything in mind, the hyena most likely provided the creator of this Pokemon with a lot of inspiration.

9. Umbreon

Umbreon is the second evolution of Eevee into a Dark-type dog Pokemon.

It happens when Eevee levels up at night in the main series or with a moon shard in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

They have dark-glow-in-the-dark body with yellow patterns that appear when, agitated.

Hunts at night and has excellent night vision, which helps it to locate prey in the shadows.

8. Rockruff

Rockruff is based on a Finnish Spitz puppy. He have an excellent sense of smell; once he detects a scent, he never forgets it. 

There are stories about some dog Pokemon of this species that, after being separated from their trainers, reunited with them after tracking their scent for days. 

He is a social Pokemon but becomes more unruly as they grow older.

No matter how strong its opponent is, this Pokemon is so tenacious that it will continue to fight until its opponent has no more strength left to continue and gives up. 

He rub rocks around their necks against each other in greeting. This is also a show of affection towards the people they appreciate, which makes their coaches discover that sometimes love can be painful.

7. Entei

The three legendary Dog Pokemon who make up Entei’s trio are the water-type Suicune and the electric-type Raikou. 

Entei is a Pokemon from the 2nd  generation with a terrible past that involves being raised from the dead before receiving abilities from Ho-Oh. 

Entei is the epitome of a powerful fire-type Pokemon that any trainer should desire on their team.

This Pokemon has 235 attack power, 171 defense, and 251 stamina.

It is a Fire Dog Pokemon of the Primary Type.

No possible evolution

6. Herdier

The first of the Pokemon Lillipup’s two evolutions is Herdier. Herdier appears to be a search and rescue dog pokemon on a mission with his cape of navy blue fur. 

They are known for helping their trainers nurture their other Pokemon and are incredibly devoted. 

Herdier will only learn three new moves between developing into Herdier and reaching the required level to evolve into Stoutland Work Up, Crunch, and Roar. 

Only Crunch is a move of the Dark type and the other two are moves of the Normal kind. 

Crunch is a 100% accurate strike move. 

Herdier should rank highly on any ranking of canine Pokemon in terms of how much they resemble the breed they are meant to represent.

5. Houndoom

Here we have the prize-winning Pokemon global watchdog. The poisons in Houndoom’s fires cause its burns to ache forever, according to its Pokedex records. You surely wouldn’t want to mess with that Dog.

Pokemon lovers adore it because of its gritty and gothic appearance with the arrow tail, color scheme, and horns. It has a devilish appearance. 

They are still excellent and worthy of affection, just like other dogs.

They may Mega-Evolve as well, which gives them a unique quality.

4. Lycanroc

Lycanroc is more of a wolf than a dog breed, like several other animals on this list. It can even be more of a werewolf depending on its dawn, noon, and nighttime forms. But it is a big part of what makes this Pokemon so entertaining and well-liked.

Competitors have favored it mainly in its midnight version. Additionally, its pre-evolutionary form, Rockruff as could be the cutest of all the Pokemon pups.

3. Lucario

Many intriguing things are happening in Lucario, both outwardly and within. Since Lucario was the first Gen IV Pokemon made available to the general public, fans have remained loyal to its appearance.

The appearance of Lucario is similar to Anubis, the Egyptian deity of death. They both have a connection to the afterlife and have similar facial features. 

In The Pokemon Company’s 2020 popularity survey, Lucario came in second place, making him one of the most well-liked dog Pokemon currently in existence.

2. Zoroark Dog Pokemon

Zoroark is another canine-like Pokemon that walks on two legs, like Granbull. 

Illusion, one of its abilities, is one of Zoroark’s most potent attacks. Its ability to trick its adversary into believing it is someone or someplace else has led to issues in the show’s battles and regular interactions.

It also goes by the name “Illusion Fox Pokemon,” and although it largely depends on its unique ability also it has a lot of other great traits that help it become a powerful dog Pokemon. 

Of all the canine-like Pokemon, it possesses one of the highest attack stats. In addition to being strong while attacking, Zoroark is also renowned for being swift, enabling it to attack rapidly, allowing for a powerful punch, and aiding in creating convincing illusions.

1. Arcanine A Dog Pokemon

Dog Pokemon

One of the most potent canine-like Pokemon is arcanine. One of the first Pokemon to resemble a canine friend was the evolution of the well-known Pokemon Growlithe, also frequently seen as Officer Jenny’s buddy in the show. 

It is one of the most well-known Pokemon of the first 151, and among the other canine-like Pokemon, no viable rival has yet been discovered.

This Fire-type dog Pokemon is powerful overall, with defense being its lowest stat at roughly 80, which is still relatively good.

It is one of the canine-like Pokemon with a Hisuian form, where its stats only increased. When seen in this form and it is also coupled with a Rock-type.

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