17 Best Female Ninja Anime

In today’s day and age, a female is capable of doing whatever a boy can do.

Similarly, in terms of anime, a lot of fantastic female anime characters have also been shinobi. These figures are referred to as kunoichi.

The top 17 anime ninja heroines in the genre’s history will be ranked in this Topanime.us article.

17. Seraphim: Kore wa Zombie desu ka

Seraphim, also known as Sera, is a vampire female ninja who uses the katana expertly and with great ability who uses her vampire abilities along with her Tsubamegaeshi secret sword skill and ninja reflexes to battle her foes. 

She can shape numerous leaves into a katana and a set of bat wings. She can anesthetize individuals with a kiss in order to take the pain away from neck bites because she is a vampire that needs blood to keep alive on occasion. 

Since kissing a boy would signify marriage in her cult’s laws, she does this with other girls. She comes to Ayumu’s house to serve Eucliwood, but when she is turned away, she stays and becomes Ayumu’s servant in the hopes that she will reconsider. 

Although she frequently refers to Ayumu as a “piece of shit,” but she has a healthy respect for his fighting skills.

16. Goemon Hachisuka: Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Young ninja lady named Goemon Hachisuka. She was a pupil of Kinoshita Hideyoshi and pledged allegiance to Yoshiharu after he passed away. She is the commander of a militia that is devoted to her and willing to die for her. She dislikes lengthy presentations because her voice is childlike and she occasionally stutters.

Goemon Hachisuka is a skilled spy and can enter secured areas fast and covertly because of its diminutive size. She is able to defend herself in conflict and has repeatedly saved Yoshiharu’s life with her lightning-quick reactions.

15. Kagero: Juubee Ninpuuchou

Kagero is a female ninja with the most uncommon talent. She serves as the clan master’s taster for food. She now possesses complete immunity to all poisons as a result. 

Kagero has actually ingested so many chemicals over the years that her body is now toxic itself.

Her clan does not hold her in high regard because poison is thought to be the weapon of cowards. Of course, being a woman also doesn’t do her any good. But she’s a tenacious warrior who never hesitates to show her value.

14. Kisaragi: The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl

A female ninja named Kisaragi, played by Rina Takeda, tries to save a group of women who are being held hostage to serve as toys for men. The movie takes place during a conflict between the Koga and Iga ninja clans during the Sengoku era.

13.Oboro Iga: Basilisk

One of the sweetest ninja girls in our list is The Lavender Princess (Oboro). She is incredibly compassionate, nonviolent, and merciful because she doesn’t kill her foes. Oboro is revered as the head of the Iga clan and is secretly despised for what appears to be her frailty.

She is hardly a ninja martial arts prodigy, but she does possess a deadly particular talent. When a ninja looks at her directly, her eye technique can strip them of their abilities. However, she is capable of more than just neutralizing her foes. 

She is capable of doing considerable damage with her eyes if she is furious enough. So, if you ever encounter her, just make an effort to look away.

12. Sarada Uchiha: Naruto

Sarada is the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha, a young female ninja in training. She seems to possess characteristics from both parents, such as the “Cha! ” of her mother, as well as her father’s speech tic, lack of interest in things, and unwillingness to acknowledge and thank people when they truly deserve it.

In the spin-off Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, Sarada takes the lead role., she is looking for her father. Sarada feels upset and misled when she believes wrongly that she is Karin’s biological daughter because the two have identical lenses. Sarada gains her Sharingan throughout the procedure, but she doesn’t have a favorable first impression of her father Sasuke.

11. Yoruichi Shihōin: Bleach

Yoruichi Shih-in is a thin, well-endowed woman of average height. She is clever and funny and has an extensive understanding of Soul Society and how it operates due to her previous roles as leader of the Onmitsukid and commander of the Second Division. 

She has a long-lasting ability to morph into a little black cat, unlike any other Shinigami that is known to exist. 

She has a distinctive male voice and golden eyes in this form, but we have never seen her use her zanpakut in combat. 

She identifies herself as Kisuke Urahara’s dearest buddy during her debut as a cat. She goes by the name “Divine Speed Yoruichi”. She has, in fact, mastered the shunp method to a very amazing degree. We can readily assume that because she hasn’t used her zanpakut and has only used her fists to battle so far, her true strength hasn’t yet been shown. Despite her position, she dislikes overt displays of deference, she is in our ranking of the top anime female ninja.

10. Mei Chang: Fullmetal Alchemist

Xiao Mei, a female panda that has never been able to develop and has remained small, travels with Mei Chang from Xing and appears to mimic her every move. She is a member of the Emperor of Xing’s heirs, just like Lin Yao (seventeenth crown princess exactly). She is found to be weary by Kayal as she enters the town of Youswell.

Mei Chang appears to be quite young, yet that hasn’t stopped him from becoming an expert in elixirology (the alchemy of the country of Xing which is mainly specialized in medicine). She is looking for eternal youth and believes Edward, who has been called a “great” alchemist, can assist her.

9. Soi Fon: Bleach

Chinese name Soi Fon, which translates to “Fast Wind,” is the captain of the Gotei 13’s 2nd division and the commander of the Omnitsukido’s 1st division (Keigun, the division of the executioners). 

Shih-in Yoruichi replaced her in these roles. She goes by the name Shaorin Fon and comes from a lower-class noble family that serves the Shihin family, one of the four major families in Soul Society.

Her five brothers all perished on their first missions, making her the sixth child in a family of six. She adopted the first name Self, which belonged to her great-grandmother when she entered the Keigun. She trained to surpass Yoruichi since she was very furious with him for leaving her (and especially for not taking her on her escape).

During the assault on Skyoku, they will also come into contact with one another, and at the conclusion of the battle, she will voice her wrath toward Yoruichi, ending her hatred for her.

8. Sarutobi Ayame: Gintama

Sarutobi is an assassin with ninja training. Because of her acute myopia, which causes her to frequently confuse humans with inanimate objects, she is a dangerous beauty with spectacles. She is so madly in love with Gintoki that she occasionally stalks him.

Sarutobi is a very dangerous assassin that is proficient in using the kunais. Despite having poor vision, she is able to hit her target every time. This ninja girl exhibits some bipolar behavior because, while she acts like a little girl around Gintoki, she transforms into a devil when she goes into killer mode.

7. Eri Shiina: Angel Beats

Shiina resembles the team’s kunoichi in some ways. She is a courageous female elite warrior who is always hidden in the shadows. Her obsession with cute things is her one flaw (stuffed puppies, kittens, etc.). She has been practicing her concentration by holding a broom on her index finger since Otonashi “beat” her on the first descent to the Guild.

Shiina was among the first to join the front, but that is about all that is known about her. How narrow-minded is one of his favorite expressions? Shiina, a slayer with the codename C7, perished for an unspecified reason, as we learn. She seeks safety underground for more than a thousand days until she reaches the setting of Angel Beats.

As a result, Yuri is aware that she is from a different time period. With the aid of Kanade and Cha, Hinata finally succeeds in defeating her by slicing her with a Katana stroke. She makes the decision to join Yuri’s group after she awakens. She will be given the name Shiina by Yuri.

6. Lan Fan: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Ling Yao’s personal bodyguard is Lan Fan. She helps Ling Yao in his quest for immortality and the title of Emperor of Xing, together with her grandfather Fu. She is only a little bit more reckless, which is only expected given their age gap, yet she is almost as adept in ninja martial arts as her grandfather.

She is clever and tenacious, yet she can also be quite unpredictable to her opponents. This is demonstrated when she sacrifices her left arm to assist her master in escaping King Bradley’s hold. Without her assistance, Prince Ling would not have succeeded.

5. Sarutobi Ayame: Gintama

Sarutobi Ayame a female ninja prefers to be referred to as Ayame Sarutobiou Sacchan and is a masochistic kunoichi who enjoys bondage. She is completely smitten with Gintoki and would stop at nothing to be with him. She has severe vision issues, which inevitably lead to a lot of misunderstandings whenever she misplaces her glasses.

She works as a server in a cosplay restaurant throughout the day. Natto is his weapon of choice. She is a serious and expert freelance assassin when she isn’t “looking after the welfare” of Gintoki. She frequently faces off against Otae, whom she thinks is in love with Gintoki.

4. Hinata Hyūga: Naruto

Hinata was raised to be the future head of the Hyga clan and was born into the main branch, Hinata’s timidness and failure to assert herself led to her father Hiashi’s extreme disdain when she was vanquished by her younger sister Hanabi, who eventually succeeded their father. A member of Team 8, Hinata Hyga—currently known as Hinata Uzumaki—is a low-confidence 

Hiashi abandoned Hinata and gave Kurenai Yuhi custody of her. Hinata started her training as Ninja under Kurenai’s direction to become skilled and determined enough to prove herself to her father. Hinata’s increasing self-assurance is largely the result of her long-standing adoration for Naruto, who she finds motivating for her excitement and strong resolve to never give up. Hinata’s adoration for Naruto gradually develops into love as the series goes on.

In Part II, Hinata tells Naruto how she feels as she shields him from Pain and subsequently assists him in the Ninja Allies’ conflict with the Ten-Tails. After the Fourth Great Ninja War is over and The Last: Naruto the Movie’s events, where she fulfills her ancestor Hamura’s wishes by aiding Naruto in stopping Toneri, Hinata marries Naruto and the two go on to have two children, the series’ epilogue.

3. Shiina: Angel Beats!

Shiina is a female ninja.

Shiina is a peculiar character with a hazy past who calls herself a ninja. As the good ninja she is, she enjoys hiding in the shadows and in obscure locations. Shiina is frequently spotted working out. We frequently witness her balancing objects on her fingertips since she is constantly working to develop her abilities.

Shiina has a girly side despite being absolutely severe and rigid. She is obsessed with plush toys. She frequently falls into problems because of her sensitive side, but because of her intense focus, she usually senses danger coming.

2. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: Soul Eater

Tsubaki, a Demon Shadow Weapon from the Nakatsukasa clan of special weapons, is known as the Camellia Blossom. She possesses the uncommon and exceptional ability to change into many ninja weapons, including the smoke bomb, shuriken, chain scythe, and eerie sword.

Tsubaki is a very calm and collected person who frequently serves as a mediator between her pals whenever they are at odds. On various occasions, she behaves like an elder sister to her friends. She strives so hard to see the positive in everyone and everything, which makes her irresistibly cute and endearing. She comes in at number two on our list of best female ninja thanks to her special skills.

1. Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto

Hinata is the most intriguing ninja female in the series out of countless others in our list of the best female ninja. In my opinion, Naruto made a smart choice for his wife. She is incredibly sweet and caring, and despite her outward vulnerability, she has the strongest will among ninja girls, especially when it comes to finding the right mate for her beloved Naruto.

Hinata abhors violence and hurts other people, which is largely the reason why the Hyuuga clan rejected her as their heir as a young kid. She turned out to be a late bloomer, though, since she only really grew skillful and powerful with time and under Naruto’s guidance.