List of Top 19 Characters in Food War

By present you here a list of the top 19 characters in Food War. Some are good, others are evil and yet others are neutral. Let’s find out who they are.

19. Takumi Aldini

Although Takumi Aldini is a half-Italian child and his brother Isami frequently cook together, Takumi (the older one) always makes better food when they prepare it separately. They both grew up in Italy, and their background working in restaurants supports their abilities.

Takumi Aldini has seen several setbacks, but he has the same tenacity as Soma and has made enormous progress and elevated Italian cuisine. He makes his country proud.

18. Alice Nakiri

Alice Nakiri is this young lady, a lab assistant or a cook. Alice’s approach to cooking is the pure force of science, one of many distinctive perspectives shared by Totsuki students. 

She possesses in-depth science and culinary knowledge and the ability to use lab equipment to produce her delicacies amazingly precisely.

Although Alice isn’t as good as her cousin Erina, she is nonetheless impressive and barely has any blind spots thanks to her extensive knowledge of flavors and foods. 

Additionally, watching her prepare strange yet delicious things this way is entertaining.

17. Ryo Kurokiba

Before we meet Ryo’s true face in the kitchen and experience his furious cooking style, he gives the impression of being a meek and quiet boy. 

Ryo Kurokiba grew up with nothing to lose and specializes in seafood. 

Alice discovered Ryo when she was young and made him her partner. And with good cause! Ryo’s competitive nature may even outshine Soma’s, and his violent seafood cooking method is similar to that of Megumi’s irate relative. 

He does, however, produce results because, in the Autumn Election, he advanced to the final three-way cookoff.

16. Tosuke Megishima

Tosuke Megishima, another Council member’s decision to flip against Azami Nakiri and support the rebels was shocking. The powerful but reserved Megishima first had little interest in supporting either side, but Soma, being Soma, chased him down and persuaded him to do so.

As soon as Megishima began preparing meals, he excelled. He created the idea of African ramen, an innovative and stunning new cuisine that caught everyone off guard, albeit barely losing to Rindo Kobayashi. 

And in a cookoff versus Soma, he comfortably defeated Soma one-on-one. You should avoid tampering with this ramen master.

15. Ikumi Mito

Since season 1, Ikumi Mito hasn’t had many opportunities to demonstrate her value. Still, her abilities are genuine, and she has passed every significant test Totsuki uses to screen the weaker pupils. She earned it, just like the others, and is currently in her second year.

Her specialty is beef, and Ikumi knows where to find the best meats to add a powerful taste to any dish. She previously assisted some professionals in handling frozen beef before sending it to restaurants since she could tell nice meat when she saw it.

14. Jun Shiomi

The most beautiful woman over 30 I’ve ever seen is undoubtedly Jun. She went to school with Jouichirou, the father of Souma, and regularly found herself the object of his odd culinary experiments.

This led to Jun’s early mistrust of Souma and his cuisine, which made for some amusing history.

She’s a lot of fun around Souma and well-known for her spices, too. Because she is so focused on what she is saying, Jun enters lecture mode and loses awareness of everything around her.

13. Zenji Marui

Zenji is the Polar Star Dorm’s “knowledge is power” student, and he has consumed cookbook after cookbook to amass an incredible mental database of ingredients and cooking concepts. 

Zenji has the reading comprehension necessary to overcome any culinary problem.

12. Isami Aldini

Isami Aldini is a Brother of Takumi, a first-year student in the high school division at Totsuki Saryo Culinary Academy. From a very young age, he has worked in a professional kitchen environment. 

Isami Aldini relocated to Japan so he and his brother could enroll in the academy. He has a laid-back, kind personality and occasionally makes fun of his sibling.

11. Terunori Kuga

Terunori Kuga, a second-year student, is the original Council member who first appears. Anyone would want to eat Chinese food, which is his specialty. He cooks in a Szechuan style, to be exact.

Kuga doesn’t shy away from making his food spicy either, and he is adept at making it hot enough to leave an impression without losing flavor. 

If you use it appropriately, the spice may be a flavor. 

Eventually, Kuga picks up some new techniques and develops a more inventive cooking style, but there are still more skilled cooks out there.

10. Ryoko Sakaki

The fact that Ryoko Sakaki is a resident of the Polar Star dorm speaks something about her ability as a Totsuki student chef. 

She has yet to be seen with any significant triumphs, but she has the ability and is also a very helpful classmate.

Because Ryoko is a specialist at fermenting items, including beans, she can easily complete any fermentation-related cooking task. She is happy to share her knowledge with her friends and students if their fermentation abilities are inadequate.

9. Yuki Yoshino

Yuki is the most animated and positive person in the Polar Star dorm; some may initially assume she doesn’t take things seriously. Contrary to popular belief, Yuki constantly looks for the best and cooks dishes.

As for her area of expertise, Yuki is somewhat of a wild game expert and skilled in handling any wild game meat. She is also reputed to look after the pigs, poultry, and other animals at the Polar Stor dormitory. She is the ideal candidate for the position.

8. Megumi Tadokoro

Megumi Tadokoro, a soft-spoken yet lovely girl from Tohoku who specializes in seafood and home-style cooking, will be the next. The poor girl is a nervous wreck and is in danger of permanent expulsion.

But with Soma’s assistance, she managed to turn things around, and by the end of season 2, Megumi is a competent cook who can contend with almost anyone. She still has some ground to cover, but we are pleased because she has gone so far.

7. Satoshi Isshiki

Satoshi Isshiki is a second-year student at Totsuki Saryo Culinary Academy in High School Division.

He is a kind mentor to Soma and the other kids and is never seen without a smile. His exact motives are still unknown, as are his cooking skills. He frequently wears nothing but an apron.

6. Ryoko Sakaki

Ryoko Sakaki is in High School Division Totsuki Saryo Culinary Academy first-year student.

Everyone views her as an elder sister figure due to her long, gleaming hair and mature sex appeal. She has a specialized workspace next to the hostel and specializes in cooking using fermentation techniques, such as salted rice malt.

5. Shun Ibusaki

Shun Ibusaki is in High School Division Totsuki Saryo Culinary Academy first-year student someone who lives in Polaris Dormitory. His hair obscures half of his face. He exudes intrigue due to both that and his reserved demeanor. The other dorm inhabitants approve of his expertise in curing foods, where he specializes. He has made a smokehouse out of an empty dorm room.

4. Hisako Arato

Hisako Arato as Erina’s devoted helper, this pink-haired girl who likes to blend into the background and seems unassuming on purpose. 

However, Hisako is eager to demonstrate why Erina keeps her company if they go into a cooking contest. 

Hisako has a specialty, just like many other Totsuki students. 

Herbs, in this instance. Hisako can prepare even hamburgers for maximum flavor and scent without effort. Her components also have a medical quality, and her meal has a light and delicate touch.

3. Megumi Tadokoro

Megumi Tadokoro is in Totsuki Saryo Culinary Academy High School Division first-year student.

She is typically available at Soma’s whim and is gentle and timid. When she originally started, she was at the bottom of her class due to fear, but her interactions with Soma and the other students improved, and she gained a spot in the Fall Elections. She hails from Tohoku and focuses on regional cuisine and the utilization of veggies.

2. Erina Nakiri

Erina Nakiri is in the High School Division, Totsuki Saryo Culinary Academy, 10th Seat, Totsuki Council of Ten Masters, First-Year Student.

She is the granddaughter of the academy’s director, and since she was little, she has worked as a taster for prestigious restaurants thanks to her uncommon and exquisite palate. 

She hasn’t been kind to Soma and hasn’t acknowledged his skills in the kitchen. She is typically arrogant and self-centered, but an unexpected aspect of her is that she is fixated on a teen romance manga series.

1. Soma Yukihira

Soma Yukihira is a first-year student in the High School Division of Totsuki Saryo Culinary Academy.

Soma never ceases to astound with his daring new dishes, building on the knowledge of diner food he had acquired via the family business. Even though he came close to winning the Fall Elections, upperclassmen now frequently consider him a force to be reckoned with. He is now working hard to improve his abilities!