The 26 Best Anime Fighting Video Games

I will smash your face! The true spirit of anime fighting games makes you will like a Samurai.

There’s an appeal to fighting games that is captivating. It’s not just about the punching and kicking, the characters’ rosters are often crazy, and there’s an edgy, humorous vibe that is prevalent in all games in the genre.

Below is the list anime fighting video games:

26 Gamers!

It’s difficult for the program to create titles more evident. This program doesn’t provide a thorough overview of the gaming industry or e-sports.

It’s a romantic comedy that uses gaming as the central plot device.

The classic gamer who likes to relax at home with his computer throughout the day is our hero.

If the popular girl offers him a place in the club, everything is changed. Most of the laughter, love, confusion, and games take place in this club.

While the show isn’t solely about gaming, the characters are clearly gamers and share a lot to communicate with one another.

25 Fairy tail

Koei Tecmo decided to try things differently when it was time to create an online game for Fiore’s highest revered group. Instead of putting Natsu and her gang in a Musou-inspired beat-em-up and then handing the reigns to the RPG creator Gust Co. Ltd. Because of its excellent work with its Atelier series, Gust was able to make a remarkable turn-based game based on the three epic episodes of the Fairy Tail saga.

The final game on our list is packed with content that is worth your time – there’s an impressive number of characters that you can bring into your roster, a unique battle system, exciting music, and endless side missions. Even in the final hours of the game’s long journey, there are many tasks to complete and fight against the Fairy Tail Guild. As 2020 draws to an end, Fairy Tail will be recognized as being one of the best RPGs of the year.

24 Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition

The undisputed king of creature-collecting RPGs has been for years held by Game Freak/Nintendo for  Its main rival has to be the Digimon franchise which hasn’t been a success in producing top-quality gaming adaptations for video games.

The adored digital creatures received a full RPG treatment. The players are transported into an entire world of digital mysteries that take place in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and its sequel Hacker’s Memory. Gathering as well as training the army of Digimon who fight together with you is the only way for resolving the web’s global issues in both games. The tale characters, characters, and engaging mechanics of collecting creatures will keep you engaged for a long duration.

23 Sword Art Online

What ever you think about this franchise it’s undisputed that it’s got some representation and I’m going to keep the shows to an absolute low level.

It is a typical MMORPG setting, before branching out to a fairytale-like situation and even showing appreciation to FPS fans.

If you are a fan of the game genre mentioned earlier, SAO can be quite enjoyable.

Gun Gale was refreshing because the FPS genre isn’t represented as well like it is in MMOs. I, for one, was awed by it.

22 D-Frag!

In the very first episode of this series, we see a young offender being bullied by four girls to join their club.

Which club, you might be left to? The club for the development of games.

Although they do not teach you anything in Python as well as C++, games are an important plot feature within the series.

The characters simply linger around and spend their time playing games, and contemplate the reason the protagonist was first able to pretend to be a criminal.

It’s a laid-back, relaxed show that has the classic slice of lifestyle.

21 Street Fighter – 7.06

There has been a variety of Street Fighter anime series over the years, as with every other game in the franchise. Street Fighter II V, maybe, however, the most popular of them all. Based on reviews from more than 12,000 players It currently has a 7.06 average on MyAnimeList which is higher than the other games by a considerable margin.

Although it premiered over 25 years in the past, it still has a good aesthetic and has several of the show’s famous characters. The long-time adversaries Ryu, as well as Ken, are the main focus of the story as is their quest to become better fighters. Their quest leads them to the dark M. Bison as well as the mysterious Shadowlaw group.

20 ‘Granblue Fantasy: Versus’

Arc System Works seems to be able to turn almost anything into a fighting game. In the year 2020, it embraced the vivid and colorful world of Granblue Fantasy and changed its warriors into a beginner-friendly combat game. Granblue Fantasy: Versus, the first mobile RPG, was well-received by its fans due to the simplicity with which each character’s special techniques and combinations could be used.

This does not imply that Granblue Fantasy: Versus is an absolute no-go for professional FGC players, but rather that it offers the chance to play with a variety of diverse combo pathways and gaming styles due to its dynamic roster.

In addition, there is an RPG mode, which is an excellent bonus feature that provides beat-em-up players something else to do than local or online combat. Granblue Fantasy: Versus is attractive to look at and easy to play, but its complex gameplay will surprise users and keep them playing for longer than they anticipated.

19 High Score Girl

The male protagonist in High Score Girl is the most skilled professional gamer.

The show is set in the 90s arcades are very popular and our MC is constantly breaking records. Never really being forced.

This is until the female protagonist arrives and hands him an L.

She’s not just attractive and a good athlete, she also beats her in games on video?


Thus, the person is determined to make himself better and possibly add a love-tone.

18 Overlord

The original isekai overlord. It does follow the game’s format more closely than other games.

The only pure isekai Overlord. However, it does follow the game’s format more closely than other games.

Ainz The protagonist has to rely on his gaming skills to score major wins, despite the fact that he is awestruck.

For instance, knowing what item to employ when you need to use a spell against specific foes, the situations he does poorly in, and so on.

In the end, Ainz was simply an average player before being isekai’d. Ainz still displays the evident awkwardness we all relate to.

17 Virtua Fighter 

Since Virtua Fighter is regarded by many as being among the most popular fighting game franchises ever It shouldn’t be a shock that the game is a part of its own animated show. It ran from 1995 to 1996 and featured 35 episodes. It was a pity that it wasn’t able to succeed in getting an additional season.

Akira Yuki, the series protagonist, was an inspiration for Ryo Hazuki during the video game Shenmue and serves as the main focal element of the story. Akira is, just like Ryo is a divorcee from his family in pursuit of his dream, however, He soon comes across Eva an evil scientist, whose primary objective is to create the perfect robot army.

16 ‘Astro Boy: Omega Factor’

What’s really wild isn’t it? This Astro Boy game on PlayStation 2 is little compared to the version that is available on portable devices. This Game Boy Advance game’s creator, Treasure, did the right thing with the beloved young robot character developed by manga writer as well as creator Osamu Tezuka.

The high-octane beat’em up/shoot action within Astro Boy Omega Factor is what players of Treasure games remember it for. It’s still fun to blast villains from the sky and then hit them with your feet in this handheld gem. Astro Boy: Omega Factor is an awesome Treasure experience similar to Gunstar Heroes and Guardian Heroes and looks like the iconic cartoon that it depicts.

Since Virtua Fighter is regarded by many as the most significant fighting game franchise ever and it shouldn’t be a surprise that the game comes with its own television show. It ran between 1995 and 1996 and included 35 episodes. Unfortunately, however, it wasn’t able to succeed in finding another season.

15 Doki Doki Literature Club

With the publication of the Plus edition The violent, genre-bending psychological horror game as well as the interactive visually book Doki Doki Literature Club is available on various platforms. One final word of warning In spite of Doki Doki’s cute outfit The story has horrifyingly dark themes and topics like suicide, sadness insanity, and the horrifying. If you’re able to handle the subject matter, the story that is told by members of the Doki Doki Literature Club worth the time and the terrifying journey.

14 God Eater – 7.27

God Eater God Eater, an adaptation of the popular video game of a similar name aired between 2015 and 2016. But despite the positive reviews and ratings, The second season hasn’t yet been announced. However, fans continue to demand one, and many have a glimmer of hope for the possibility that Bandai Visual may grant their request at some time.

In the very first season, mankind is on the brink of being destroyed in a dark future. Only specially designed swords known as God Arcs, as well as their defenders, God Eaters as in the games, can take on the planet’s new rulers, the Aragami. After witnessing his family eaten by a god, an teen called Lenka is inspired to turn into a God Eater following the fact that his family is eaten by Aragami.

13 Danganronpa 

It’s a pity that Danganronpa was not able to gain the same acclaim in the West like was the case in Japan. The show blends different genres to create an unique experience. The decision to adapt it for TV was influenced by this mash-up of genres. The best in Danganronpa’s oeuvre Danganronpa anime is without doubt Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen Zetsubou-hen.

It fills in lots of gaps and provides some answers to the questions posed by the games before, and acts as a kind of prequel. But, it does mean that only those who’ve played the games can fully comprehend how an anime is built on the lore of a series instead of just rehashing material from the past.

12 Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is a typical JRPG that has a strong anime influence that is more than able to meet your requirements. While not entirely original however, the combat is tough enough that it will keep the players engaged throughout the game’s 60 hours of play However, the truly captivating storyline is what makes the game stand out.

Tales of Berseria is a novel that defies many of the traditions we’ll never be able to forget. It follows an fiercely determined female protagonist in her pursuit to take revenge on her brother’s death by killing the murderer. This is the first time for the series. While the plot might seem repetitious, Tales of Berseria will be awe-inspiring at every turn and its action-packed combat scenes are sure to keep you guessing the next chapter.

11 Astral Chain

Astral Chain will be just right for you If the anime you like are stylized as well as international and awe-inspiring range. Furthermore, if at all familiar with PlatinumGames other IPs like Bayonetta or Nier: Automata, you already have an idea of the character and style Astral Chain.

Combat between bosses is extremely inventive, the battles are fast-paced, and the visuals are vibrant and full of. And, perhaps unusually for this category, Astral Chain presents a solidly written story that is worthy of your attention. Astral Chain is your most stylish and definitely shonen choice when you’re looking for a more of everything, which includes well-crafted platforms, side missions and puzzle-solving features.

10 Inazuma Eleven

The show is very faithful to the story it’s built on, even though it could sometimes be a hindrance to it. Despite some pacing problems the last handful of episodes is of best quality and all the main characters are superbly written.

9 Valkyria Chronicles

Senjou no Valkyria, is a two-course game that did well in capturing the essence of Sega’s iconic game. The game starts off a bit slow, but once the first few episodes are completed it picks up again and has a great story that attempts to follow that of the original source material.

Surprisingly the art style and the game’s style of art are in sync with each other, and each character is given distinct personalities. As it’s a war drama, it’s plausible to suppose that some humor will disappear as the show progresses.

8 hack//G.U. Last Recode

The action RPG series that was created by CyberConnect2 was celebrating the 15th year anniversary of its creation, it was appropriate to make the first games back, in a way that was compatible with modern platforms. New versions that were remastered of the original three games of the hack//G.U. the story arc was released as well as an additional story from the game’s beloved classic was also released.

For long-time players, there’s now more to play because of the enhanced fight mechanics and game tempos, brand-new modes, and sharper animation graphics. The remastered collection’s exploration into The World is the only method to truly enjoy the hack//G.U. trilogy.

7 Persona 4 arena ultimax

Through Persona 4 Arena, Arc System Works is able to pit Persona 4’s characters and villains up against each other in a high-quality 2D combatant. Like most combatants of this type, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, a redesigned variant of the game was updated and redesigned. Charge-up attacks boosted the fight dynamic, new characters were introduced, Shadow Types offered players an array of character options to master. The entirety of the Persona series’ recurring elements are present to be found in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, that puts them in an amazing 2D combat environment.

6 Persona 5 Royal

The most enjoyable Persona game to date made available in the year 2017 by the team behind P-Studio. This JRPG was a favorite among fans of the genre due to its fantastic soundtrack, lovable characters from the Phantom Thieves of Hearts characters as well as the abundance of interesting gameplay. Persona 5 Royal debuted in 2020, adding more important content to the game which already contained plenty of content. In addition to a brand new Phantom Thief member, a new Palace and a new soundtrack, as well as a host of other enhancements to the system, Persona 5 has been perfected to the point of being almost flawless.

5 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

If you were a kid Dragon Ball Z fan, you probably imagined the Saiyans with spikey hair, and imagined that they would be part of the battles for beams in the show. The Xenoverse concept was finally capable of achieving all its potential thanks to the sequel.

The main hub planet in Conton City is enormous and offers a wide range of games. It’s enjoyable to enhance your personal Z Warrior and make amends for any messed up Dragon Ball Z timelines. Xenoverse 2 offers a lot of activities and sights to provide. A Dragonball Z MMO gamers have been waiting for since the beginning is in essence Xenoverse 2.

4 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The latest entry within the popular Fire Emblem franchise more than is up to the expectations, or even surpasses its name in a variety of ways. It’s easy to lose sight of that it’s a game played on a turn strategic gameand it’s a excellent one at that thanks to its large, highly explorable base, captivating story and engaging characters and connections.

The core in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a difficult class-based game of strategy. It can take some time to master the game’s combat system however once you have you will be rewarded with one of the top turn-based strategies the genre can offer.

3 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

A variety of anime has been recently given The Omega Force Musou games treatment. Dynasty Warriors’ button-mashing mayhem has been featured in Mobile Suit Gundam, Berserk, Fist of the North Star and The Heroic Legend of Arslan, and other franchises. Pirate Warriors Pirate Warriors video games, that take place in the action-packed universe from One Piece, have to be the most exciting of the bunch.

The latest game of the series is definitely the best, as it has the most realistic characters, combat that’s extremely hectic (in the best way, however) as well as the inclusion of new characters and scenarios, as well as the greater possibility of combos due to the broader range of special moves that are available.

Clicking the heavy and light attack buttons in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is pure joy.

2 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

One of the most popular arenas fighting titles can be found in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, and Ninja Storm 4 and its new expansion called Road to Boruto blend the entire series of games and Naruto’s story into one game. With over 100 characters to choose from, not to mention characters’ multiple versions–and extremely accessible gameplay, and a high-quality competition environment. There is nothing that can compare to the work that CyberConnect2 has achieved by releasing Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 in the arena of anime warriors.

1 Dragon Ball FighterZ

The most significant element of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s gameplay is that it appears and sounds just like. Three-on-three combat is a great way to create insane combos that utilize the power of your co-players’ diverse assists and superpowers. It reminds you of some of the most thrilling fights from anime when an opponent is defeated by striking them directly into the side of a mountain. In addition, the huge roster of fighters has an impressive cast of well-known versions of famous characters. The undisputed leader in fighting video games with famous cartoon characters includes Dragon Ball FighterZ.