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In Black Butler, a young Victorian Earl Phantomhive sells his soul to a demon in return for the ability to exact retribution on those who have mistreated him. The Phantomhive Household is, as its name suggests, the household of Phantomhive Manor. Each member serves as Earl Ciel Phantomhive’s bodyguard as well as a servant (such as a maid, gardener, butler, chef, or footman).

7. Snake (Footman of  Phantomhive House)

Snake Footman of  Phantomhive House

He serves as the Phantomhive household’s footman after returning after the Murder Mystery arc events, and Ciel convinces him to join his crew. 

His pupils resemble snakes. He is a part snake, so that makes sense.

Despite having snake-like traits, the circus performers were the first to be sympathetic to him and accept him as a buddy.

Later, he expresses gratitude to Ciel for accepting him and providing him with a home when he had nowhere else to turn.

The mask starts to come off as she reappears.

When Sebastian found snake, he was bound, gagged, and placed into a box.

After the Circus arc snake was left behind. No information was given to him. Near the conclusion of the Murder Mystery storyline, he comes back to interview Ciel and Sebastian to find his pals. Meanwhile, he joins Ciel’s crew.

People occasionally ponder whether he serves only as a spokesperson for his snakes. 

Before joining the circus, he was kept in a cage as a Half-Human Hybrid attraction until the circus performers released him. 

Since he is part snake, he goes by the moniker Snake.

When he is startled or anxious, his cowlick of hair trembles and springs up. 

His naivete and desire to see his circus friends again are used by Ciel when he seeks to get revenge on them, leading him to accept his claims that they are likely still alive. Ciel transforms him into his staff in this way. 

He was reared as a freak show attraction and never had pals before being adopted by the circus.

He is a half-human, half-snake, claims Joker.

6. Tanaka (House steward )

 Tanaka House steward of  Phantomhive House

The sole member of the Phantomhive household’s staff, employed since before Ciel’s parents’ passing, is the steward of the Phantomhive home.

Tanaka possesses the martial abilities required to face the risks of the position because he served as the butler for the former Earl Phantomhive. 

He is frequently spotted in a Super-Deformed shape.

He mostly drink tea from a Japanese tea cup. Despite his outward look, Tanaka is a master of bartitsu and, when called upon, is just as lethal as the other enslaved people.

He is the most respectable of the servants, and he sports a monocle.

Tanaka serves whoever is currently in charge of the Phantomhive household, unlike the other servants who are primarily devoted to the present Earl. 

He is a skilled Bartitsu practitioner who can split bullets in two in midair. 

He is often meant to be plain and deformed compared to the cast. When severe, he is drawn similarly to the rest of the cast but returns to his deformed mode once he has spoken what has to be said.

5. Mey-Rin (Maid of Phantomhive House)

Mey-Rin Maid of Phantomhive House

Mey-Rin is the  Phantomhive family’s housekeeper. 

She is awkward when doing her duties because of the opaque nerd glasses Ciel gave her, which restrict her vision and make it difficult for her to see items up close. 

Mey-Rin is a skilled sniper who does not need sight to help her because of her acute binocular vision.

She had red hair and eyes in the manga; she had darker magenta-coloured hair and dark gold eyes in the anime.

She is a deadly shooter with great aim and has feelings for her master’s peerless Battle Butler. Additionally, only that butler had ever managed to avoid her blows.

The code “Owl” was assigned to Mey-rin. She has a excellent distance vision, which allowed her to identify her victim from a kilometre away. At the same time, she was a sniper assassin for a triad.

You wouldn’t believe this adorably soft-spoken maid girl was a ruthless assassin. She accepted to work as the Phantomhive household’s maid after giving up her plans to kill the Earl. They welcomed her when she was only a sniper assassin with nowhere to go, treated her as a guest, and provided her with warm meals. 

Welcoming her into Phantomhive house was the most incredible generosity she had ever experienced.  

4. Baldroy (Chef of House)

Baldroy Chef of Phantomhive House

The chef at Phantomhive household. 

Baldroy always creates something delicious. Although he is a horrible cook and a former soldier, he can make the most of his environment, as seen when he uses fine flour to cause an explosion. 

He used flamethrowers and other weapons since he thought cooking was an explosive art.

Baldroy is an American in the manga, but the anime depicts him speaking with a lower-class English accent and shows him serving in the British Army in a flashback from the first season. However, it’s also likely that he just forgot his native accent when he started working for Ciel.

When he lights up the kitchen with the Gatling Gun, 

Dagger and Beast can avoid him, and he uses up all his ammunition. Gatling Gun contains a considerable amount of ammunition. He was able to kill Dagger in the ensuing mayhem.

He is only an ordinary person who uses his knowledge of American conflicts to carry out his duties as one of Ciel’s private troops.

His meal could be more delicious since he’s blowing people up.

He was holding one of his deceased companions when Sebastian discovered him.

Baldroy’s distinguishing trait. He is not an extraterrestrial superhuman like Finny or a supernatural marksman like Mey-Rin; instead, he is an entirely ordinary person, except for his refusal to perish. 

He’s terrible at cleaning up after himself and cooking because his primary skill is using weapons to kill people.

3. Finnian (Gardener of Phantomhive House)

Finnian Gardener of Phantomhive House

The Phantomhive family’s gardener. 

Every time he takes care of the garden, an accident brought on by his carelessness destroys it. 

Following his escape from his imprisonment, Finnian—a test subject in some human experiments that granted him Ciel took in Super Strength. 

It has been proven that he is the servant who most enjoys killing intruders and will do so with a smile.

Finny was first treated like a human being by his owner, the Earl, who gave him a real name and a comfortable place to live. For these reasons, Finny will always stand up for his owner. 

Finny is a kind and loving little boy—until you endanger his master or the estate. Then you’d best go away because he won’t think twice about killing you with a single punch. He has incredibly feminine characteristics, yet he’s more charming than attractive. 

He is obligated to look after Ciel after the latter’s heroic BSoD in the Witch Forest arc because he is the only servant Ciel will allow to approach him. 

Finny is happy that the Earl chose him to serve as his Phantomhive gardener since he can now grow life instead of murdering it as he was trained to do. 

He could be better at his job since Sebastian frequently cleans up after him when he wrecks the garden. 

2. Sebastian Michaelis (Butler of House) 

Sebastian Michaelis Butler of Phantomhive House

He is a mysterious yet charming and talented butler. He came to Phantomhive with ceil two years ago and is rarely away from his master. 

In truth, Sebastian is a demon who has formed a Faustian pact with Ciel; in return for complete submission to Ciel and for helping him track out and kill Ciel’s parents’ killers.

Sebastian will be given permission to consume Ciel’s soul in exchange for his servitude. While it appears hard for others to entice him, he can readily charm others and is adept at everything, including fighting, cooking, cleaning, and decorating.

He is the most badass character in the series and has a flashy personality.

He was sincerely desperate as he implored Sieglinde to preserve Ciel. 

More than anything else, he is concerned about keeping Ciel safe.

1. Ciel Phantomhive (Head of Phantomhive House)

 Ciel Phantomhive Head of Phantomhive House

The current Earl of Phantomhive, the only person alive.

His parents inexplicably perished, and his house caught fire.

He has not only upheld but also enhanced his family’s riches and status with the help of his devoted butler, Sebastian, who joined his household just two years ago. 

His prime purpose is to wreak retribution on those who have harmed him and his family; he is ready to give his soul to do it.

Ciel has made a deal with the demon Sebastian Michaelis, who poses as his butler, to get revenge on those who tortured and killed his parents.

Ciel granted permission to Sebastian to consume the soul of Ciel in exchange for his service.

He also serves as “the Queen’s Guard Dog,” tasked with investigating and dealing with issues related to the criminal underworld.

Ciel often wears clothing befitting his aristocratic status and has a large wardrobe. 

He nearly always conceals the location of his Faustian bargain with Sebastian Michaelis by donning a black eye patch made of gauze with a single string over his right eye. 

Ciel switches out his black eyepatch for a white patch when he acted covertly, that looks like a transdermal patch secured behind his ear by two cables .

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