The top 25 manga ever

“Manga” literally means “Japanese comics” and is a broad category that includes both manga and manhwa. If you are looking for a great introductory manga, check out these 25 best-selling manga and start reading today!

25. Ooku: The Inner Chambers

In an alternate timeline of Edo-period Japan, a mysterious disease known as”the Red Pox is killing off the men of Japan. In the span of eighty years, the majority of the population of males is eliminated and Japan is now an emancipatory society, with a female shogun as well as the male harem. The plot is well-crafted, the characters are exquisitely drawn, and captivatingly constructed with a lively ensemble of characters, and lots of intrigue in the political world, Ooku: The Inner Chambers is able to tell an engaging story that questions our beliefs about gender and how it could affect the whole society. If “Early Modern Japanese history, yet make everything gender swapped” isn’t enough to entice you then we don’t know what is!

24. Kingdom

This manga of historical fiction centers on The Warring States period of Chinese history. It is centered around the story of a war orphan, Kingdom tells the tale of a boy’s rise from the ashes in the search to become the best general in the sky. In addition to courtly intrigue, there is an aide-de-camp for the King, Kingdom contains plenty of action and intrigue as it takes readers deeper into this fascinating period of China’s history.

23. Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star is a manga from the 1980s that was published by Weekly Shonen Jump. It takes place on a deserted planet after the nuclear war of the 1990s.

It is the story of Kenshiro as the main protagonist who is the successor of an ancient martial art called Hokuto Shinken and the story is about the battle against enemies and staying alive. The reviews seem to rate this very highly, and it’s definitely something to add to your list of books to read.

If you are curious about exploring this realm but beware: manga and anime can challenge you towards the limit of your philosophical thinking… even maybe even more!

The number of manga titles and plenty of Japanese animation to watch that we would be unable to cover each and every one!

22. Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami

Jujutsu Kaisen is a relatively new manga that was first released in the publication “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 2018. The manga is up to eighteen volumes as of 2022. In October 2020, MAPPA also released an anime version of the book. Despite being relatively new, anime and manga have experienced significant growth in popularity.

Every person in this imaginary world contains a substance known as the Cursed Energy. A form of malice known as Curses is created as a result of people’s lack of this Cursed Energy. Yuji Itadori, the main character, is a good-hearted adolescent who joins the Occult Club at his school only to discover that it is full of true sorcerers who have the ability to control this Cursed Energy.

21. Akira

One of the very first and most acclaimed manga to be translated fully to English, Akira is a pioneering series that established the genre of cyberpunk in the manga world. It is set twenty decades after the explosion that devastated Tokyo and the entire city has been built a new city on an artificial land referred to as Neo-Tokyo. This is where the head of a biker gang Colonel, a mighty revolutionary and a group known as psychic “espers” are gathered to stop the destruction of their home. The danger? A telekinetic person identified as “Akira” -which may have already caused more destruction than the unlikely heroes imagined.

20. Kokou No Hito 

Kokou No Hito refers to “solitary person” which could provide you with a good idea of what the award-winning manga is all about. Based loosely on the real-life climber Buntaro Kato Mori Buntarou is an introverted mountain climber whose main goal is to scale K2’s East Face (incidentally, one of the most difficult mountain ranges to conquer). From Mori Buntaro’s very first climb of in a school building, to the coldest reaches of the highest mountains on earth the stunning manga will take readers upon an exciting journey of coming-of-age into the world of mountain climbing as well as tackling major problems such as depression, loneliness and the constant anxiety of being in the unknown.

19. Cardcaptor sakura by clamp

Despite the fact that many of their well-liked series are still unfinished, CLAMP has produced numerous of them. No cover. (Perhaps a little shadow, though.) Cardcaptor Sakura is perhaps one of their backlist’s more approachable magical girl series. It centres on a young girl named Sakura who unintentionally releases a pack of magical playing cards and then has to work to find them and put them back in their place. Cardcaptor Sakura established the adorable look that has come to be associated with the current magical girl genre, which Sailor Moon introduced.

18. Astro boy by osamu tezuka

Also known as the father in manga. Tezuka’s extensive catalogue influenced the medium and helped to create numerous of the concepts that we use in the present. It’s impossible to get off the rails with his works however I decided to add Astro Boy that tells the story of an incredibly talented scientist who replaces the dead son with a robotic.

17. Akira by katsuhiro otomo

Many people are familiar with the popular animation, but like many adaptations of films, the film condenses thousands of pages in two hours. This eliminates many of the subtleties. In the core, the manga explores the conflict between the biker gang’s head Kaneda and his unstable telekinetic companion, Tetsuo. However, in the overall the novel, it also examines power, politics, and corruption.

16. GTO

This is an inspiring story of a delinquent and punk who became a teacher. A 22-year-old man named Eikichi Onizuka had a tough life until he made a change and became a schoolteacher which is why he was referred to as the Great Teacher.

Many obstacles lie in his way, including an uncooperative class, a frustrated principal, his own personal issues, and general inexperience in teaching. But he’s not going to give up on his dream just yet. He is determined to become a excellent teacher and prove that to all.

15. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

After its conclusion on May 20, 2020 Demon Slayerhas become one of the most popular manga series ever and has more than 150 million copies sold. It is set in the Taisho period of Japan It is about a child named Kamado Tanjiro as he embarks on a treacherous quest to slay the demon that shattered his once tranquil life. If you’re looking for the more traditional, action-packed story, this manga could be that’s right for you. And you’ll have a lot of fun because its battles as well as the monsters and story of its hero gave the basis for the massively popular and successful anime film of the same title.

14. Made In Abyss

The manga series is featuring a hole that is carved into the earth, and the idea is far more intriguing than it appears. Abyss Abyss is a massive hole in the Earth and there is no way to escape getting too deep in it. However, brave cave explorers are trying to map this area out.

The town of Orth is located close to the Abyss and a little girl named Riko encounters a robotic named Regu (who is from the bottom of the Abyss). Riko is convinced that her mother’s alive at the bottom of the Abyss, therefore she decides to visit the Abyss herself.

13. Monogatari Series: First Season

The series is a deep one, with a focus on personal stories as well as monsters, ghosts along with psychological wounds. Koyomi Araragi comes face-to the face with a vampire and Koyoko is reborn as vampire, too.

12. Attack on Titan

It’s 845 in the year 845. the remaining human beings are huddled in a city with three walls and are entrapped by their fear of the massive humanoid Titans that lurk beyond the city’s boundaries. In stunning art, Hajime Isayama tells the tale of a young boy called Eren who lives on the fringes of the city, in the shadows of Wall Maria. After the wall is destroyed and his mother is killed, Eren decides to join the fight against the Titans by joining the military, where Eren discovers an elusive capability. Warning This dark and sombre manga is not for readers who are easily entangled with characters, since the odds of making it through the end of the story are…slim.

11. Sailor Moon

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the top manga however epic heroic adventures and horrific post-apocalyptic universes aren’t your thing Then you should check out this fantastic adventure novel. Sailor Moonfeatures schoolgirls who are often referred to in the form of Sailor Scouts, fighting evil and fighting for justice under the guise of the wonderful Moon Princess. The lively heroines of this enjoyable Shojo series are believed to have contributed to rejuvenating the magic girl genre The blockbusting success of the series resulted in a number of other similar series and helped shape the evolution of television shows such as Winx Club, Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir as well as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. If you’re looking for an amazing dose of 90s-inspired girl power, you should add Sailor Moon to your list of books to read.

10. One-Punch Man

Many superheroes are powerful However, only one can defeat anyone with just one blow. It’s easy to think that, with this kind of power One-Punch-Man’s career as a superhero would be already established, right?

It’s not that easy. However, as we read in those pages from the One-PunchMan and the great power it has, there often is extremely bored: when nobody is a real threat, what’s the problem? However, if he scores shockingly low on the entrance test of the Hero Association, he may get a chance to face new challenges to inject an element of adventure back to the days of his heroes.

9. My Hero Academia

Superheroes are perhaps the most well-known in the eyes of Western readers across the globe from Marvel and DC however, My Hero Academia is a great way to experience the excitement associated with the genre, in a way that US comics rarely acknowledge. The story is set in a place in which 80 percent of the population is superpowered (or “Quirks”) The story is about Midoriya Izuku who is among the unfortunate few that do not have. Izuku is still aspires to be a Hero but, when he’s selected to succeed Japan’s most famous heroes All Might, it’s a dream that is realized. All Might transfers his Quirk to Izuku and the boy joins an elite academy for the training of heroes. The series contains everything the fans of superheroes could desire and more, all in one stakes-filled box.

8. Berserk

The Berserk manga and anime franchises have had plenty of drama. But, this segment will concentrate solely on manga.

Our main character is Guts an ideal young man who is snubbed by his sensei, a person who was loved and respected by him. Guts is now in a state of blood thirst and the situation becomes more difficult due to the constant mishaps that he is constantly facing. However, his incredible power and determination remain in the water.

Fans of action and/or fantasy are sure to enjoy this however, some of the volumes could be a pain because the artwork is outdated and the plot is very slow. It’s certainly worth the wait but.

7. Detective Conan

Do you love those Sherlock Holmes books? If so, Detective Conan might be the right Manga for you. Get to know Kudo Shinichi, also known as Conan Edogawa: a high school prodigy detective , now an elementary school kid (it’s a lengthy novel) who solves crimes by working with Conan and his Junior Detective club, aka his classmates from elementary school. However, Conan always keeps one focus on his objective which is to discover the mystery surrounding his involvement in the Black Organization — the crime syndicate that forced him take the experimental drug that transformed him into an infant. What is what makes Detective Conan perhaps superior to the Sherlock Holmes books is that its canon in a state of flux. It’s the 24th longest-running manga series, with more than 1000 chapters being released in Japan -and there’s still no ending to be seen!

6. Hunter x Hunter

In the intricate and dense universe of Togashi Yoshihiro’s manga, hunters are considered to be the elite of society who can discover the hidden treasures in the wild, from rare animals to hidden riches, unexplored territories and criminals. When our protagonist Gon Freecs finds out it is his father who was thought to be was dead, is an internationally renowned Hunter He is determined to locate him and travels to sit for the challenging Hunter Exam. The rest of the story is an enthralling assortment of training sequences, puzzles deceit, and cleverly constructed sets-ups. As the story’s events are becoming increasingly bizarre (and ever more violent) the characters are in a state of flux and complexity that the story could last forever, and yet keep the viewer’s attention. in his novel Manga The Ultimate Guide, Jason Thompson says that if Togashi is ever in search of career changes and wants to make a change, he should bring his creative flair to the game design.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist

In the steampunk universe that is Fullmetal Alchemist,alchemy is a prestigious science and the only items which aren’t allowed to be transmuted are human beings and gold. The rule is so strict that those who try to transform humans lose a part from themselves but risk more punishment from the godlike beings of Truth.

But, when Edward as well as Alphonse have to lose their mom It’s worth taking the risk. However, their brave plans don’t work out as planned and, soon Edward has lost his arm, and Alphonse is a spirit without a body attached to a suit armor. Together, the two brothers embark on a gruelling search for the solution that is the philosopher’s Stone…

4. Vagabond

Based loosely on the story of a swordsman in 16th century, Vagabond is an exciting manga about martial arts which has been published since 1998 (but it’s been on extremely long hiatus from 2015). After fleeing the Battle of Sekigahara, young Takezo and Matahachi search for shelter and pledge to become “Invincible under the Heavens.” Their plans aren’t easy however, as their attackers pursue them and the two are separated. The next chapter is a risky and winding road for Takezo to set out on a quest that eventually leads him to become the renowned martial artist Miyamoto Musashi.

3. Death Note

What if you were given the ability to administer ultimate justice to anyone in the world without any consequences, or even a way to trace the source all the way back to yourself?

That’s the dangerous situation Light Yagami finds himself in the film The Death Note. Light is a teen who stumbles across an unidentified notebook that has with it the ability to kill anyone whose name is listed in its pages. His motives are noble when he embarks on an expedition to rid of the criminals in the world However, as you can imagine things become complicated. Soon Light is being pursued by an elite, police task team. Will he be able to maintain his freedom? Or will another’s notion for justice compromise to him first?

2. One Piece

One Piece is one of the most renowned mangas that exist to this day. It first appeared on The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine back in July 1997. There are 102 volumes of the manga that are compiled with each chapter. The manga is ongoing and written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The manga was also adapted into an anime adaptation with the same name in year 1999. One Piece is the best-selling manga of all time , having sold more than 490 million copies since the first time it was published.

The story revolves around a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy, who is not normal in any way. Monkey D. Luffy is made of rubber and goes in search of a mysterious treasure called One Piece. The manga follows the boy through his journey through a myriad of adventures and meets many of his foes and friends along the journey.

1. Naruto

The manga Naruto was written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It was originally published within the journal “Weekly Shonen Jump’. It is comprised of 72 volumes. The manga was also transformed into an anime in 2007. Naruto has sold more than 250 million copies in the time since it’s original publication.

The manga is based on the tale of Naruto and you can find the ghost of a nine-tailed fox has attacked his village while the boy was still a newborn. Naruto grows up and learns to become a Ninja alongside his friend Sasuke who eventually moves to his dark side. Naruto is never able to let go of his pal and strives to guide him along the correct path.