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11 Best Anime Goth Girls of 2022

Anime is the host for many genres, tropes and archetypes, even making some popular, such as the Lolita fashion trend.

Today, I’ll look at 16 anime women who are part of the vaguely defined “alternative” umbrella; however, they are specifically Gothic. Best Anime Goth Girls I’ll make sure that I only include the girls from anime that are fantastic. There are many disappointed girls out there!

11. Re-L Mayer, Ergo Proxy

One of the greatest things about Ergo Proxy outside of world-building is its stunning character design. Best Anime Goth Girls There’s not a single animation that has the same look and feels and nowhere is this evident than in the character design and characterization of the mysterious main character Re-LMayer. the solemn, yet strong woman in her 20s.

Her eyeshadow really complements her cyber-gothic style by giving your eyes a blue glow. sparkle in stark contrast to her dull dark, professional attire.

10. ShinobuOshino, Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade – Kizumonogatari

Yes, that’s an overly long name. Look, Shinobu really is a 598-year-old Vampire. In her typical 8-year-old appearance she’s designed to appear small and cute, but she’s actually one of a sexy vampires, dressed in Victorian clothes and carrying a large sword.

She’s a mysterious character that gets more fully understood in the course of the series, however, she often hides under the hood.

9. Misa Amane, Death Note is one of the Best Anime Goth Girls

Misa Amane is the perfect Gothic-archetype that is fascinated or obsessed of serial killers. She is determined to emulate the Gothic Lolita fashion look (due to her modeling career prior to the start in the story) and perfectly fits Death Note’s style.

Even Rem is attracted, even sorrowful, Best Anime Goth Girls at her ignorance toward murder and death. The final time we’ve seen Misa in a static frame, she perfectly captures her Gothic Lolita design.

8. Lust, Fullmetal Alchemist

Lust is the embodiment of the sin itself, manifesting as a flirtatious though vicious antagonist partnered with Gluttony. She’s entirely pale and dressed in a contouring onyx dress atop a flowing backdrop of black hair.

She’s shown to be sadistic and vindictive to the very end, though never hampered by her brain as she displays cunning intelligence among Father’s Seven Sins.

7. Ebisu, Dorohedoro

When we first meet Ebisu in the flesh, she’s got her face torn off by a horrifying crocodile man, and then thrown into the villains’ lair with no memories or… It’s a face. A majority of the time on screen is her face covered and bandaged up, but when we finally get to her, we see her transformed with a dazzling purple eye and hair, as well as an attractive face.

Her look is Neo-Gothic in its entirety, with black and grey, with buckles and buttons, and she is also carrying swords. She’s rather androgynous as well, with her gender was a subject of discussion for a while before it was finally confirmed as Best Anime Goth Girls .

She’s definitely capturing the Grim Reaper style by her weaponry and the skeletal mask. But, she’s mostly humorous and fun and her amnesiac condition is often used for humorous dark comedy – with great effect.

6. Touka Kirishima, Tokyo Ghoul

The streets in Tokyo are crowded with people. Touka can be identified as the Rabbit because of her distinctive mask and ability. Touka is a ghoul fighting the ideals of Anteiku. She’s a runner with long hair and purple locks, but she’s quite standoffish.

She struggles to live in both the Ghoul world as well as the Human world in the same moment and yet is able to complete high school throughout this story and continue to work throughout her adulthood.

But, she’s actually an honest person who is suffering from severe feelings of abandonment and low self-esteem and her personality is complex, admirable and loved one.

 5. Trish, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Trish is an intriguing person with a stunning sense of fashion. She’s the enigmatic child of the equally mysterious Boss of Passione and a mysterious character that has been the subject of numerous speculations within the Mafioso ranking.

In this way, she’s considered a means to get the boss and her life is turned into a chaotic, turbulent and lonely one. At first Bruno’s gang treats her with disrespect and disdain. When she realises the lengths they’d go in order to keep her safe, she makes her Stand”Spice Girl which is crucial to the progress of the group toward her father.

Her style is stunning that includes a numerical and mathematical design adorning her skirt, and an edgy brassiere influenced by fashion trends from the 90s and 80s. She may fall more into Punk rather than Goth however I prefer to believe that Trish (much as the majority of Araki’s characters) blurs the line between aesthetic and fashion with grace!

4. Celty Sturluson, Durarara!!

The nickname she’s given is “The Headless Rider because of the reason. The model is dressed as a motorcyclist with a black biker look and a the yellow helmet (vaguely stylized as the head of a cat) as well as a missing head.

It’s true, Celty is an Irish fairy who’s on a quest for her cranium that was stolen. She’s immortal, centuries old, and has a new dress from a knight who rode horses to modern Japan.

However, and perhaps in a way, she’s got an extremely extroverted and preppy style of living, though she frequently gets into dark discussions and has admitted to having extremely dark thoughts.

3. Stocking Anarchy, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

The other half of her sexy and preppy sibling Panty The Stocking Anarchy is a fan of thinking she’s the complete package Panty isn’t. She wears her hair from head to the toe in an Gothic Lolita style, and has her hair arranged like hair with big bangs that hang down her sides.

She often also carries her favorite toy, which is a dying purple Teddy bear. Stocking is very reserved , however, she has been she has been shown to have unusual views on beauty, aesthetics and the human condition. Overall, her style is very edgy and screams at the Goth Lolita aesthetic with absolutely no smudges, and thus is worthy of her spot on this list!

2. Sunako Kirishiki, Shiki

SunakiKirishiki is shiki, which is the in-universe equivalent to a vampire that is frequently called an undead dead body. She’s considered the primary reason behind the demon plague that has been enthralled Sotoba that causes a myriad of unknown deaths, and is portrayed as a monster throughout the entire series.

In all likelihood, Sunako is the antagonist… However she’s hardly anything this, and it’s the reason for Shiki in the form of an animated. She’s over a hundred years old and extremely sweet with a youthful look but a sluggish disposition and a fascination with books and the human experience.

She’s steeped in Gothic and her tragic tale increases her character.

1. Nana Osaki, Nana

Nana has been identified as being one of the two main characters in the series Nana together with another totally different girl named Nana. Confused? Relax, because when you watch, it’s easy. She’s the singer-songwriter of a new punk band called “The Black Stones’ and carries many traumas that she lets out through music.

She was abandoned frequently throughout her life, and manifests in an abandonment issue that persists throughout the entire series. However, she’s robust and smart, and won’t let anyone push her around. She’s got a tattoo of a tiny lotus flowers and smokes as the chimney, sometimes in a sad way and in baths.

Her style is clearly Punk-Gothic filtered through an Japanese lens, and it perfectly fits her character. Despite her dark past and physical appearance, she’s warm and caring to her family and friends.

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