Top 21 Sad Anime Girl Characters of 2022 

The 21 Most sad and Depressed Cartoon Girl 

Characters to make you cry 

The world of anime is full of amazing female characters with deep and rich backstories. So, in this article, we’ll focus on the top female characters in anime that have dark and tragic tales. So, these anime women are more interesting to tell than an account of romance and love.

After you’ve read this list of recommended reading after reading this list, you’ll gain a new appreciation for these depressed and Sad Anime Girl who have suffered heartbreaks.

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21) Tsubaki

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Tsubaki was introduced as a fascinating polite anime girl, who is friendly, and all she cares about is her survival. However, her true colours will be shown in the series through her sad past. She’s a bitter, and depressed character with a cold personality who despises her life, the world, the Omekata religion, and for that she has developed a vengeful personality.

20) Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet appears as a gorgeous sad , sad anime girl in the animated television series The Fairy Tail. She is among the major characters of the show, and she’s an incredibly magical and powerful woman who is adamant of justice. She’s often referred to as the most powerful female character in the show.

The Scarlet Erza character is a beautiful red-haired beauty who is incredibly powerful and tough. It’s hard to imagine her down and out. But, Ezra does have a tragic and sad story to tell. Therefore, when she is crying or gets emotional, the world feels her sorrow.

19) Tomoko Kuroki

Tomoko Kuroki is the main character in the anime and manga series “Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui.” From her appearances in the show, it is clear that she’s an unhappy sad anime character despite being very smart. Tomoko is an awkward and socially awkward person and is prone to constantly make mistakes in school, and there’s no day that is not filled with problems.

18) Hanabi Yasuraoka

Hanabi Yasuraoka plays the female protagonist in the comedy Action-Comedy Anime Scum’s Wish. She has a love affair that isn’t reciprocated for her childhood friend Narumi Kanani.

This is a sad and depressing series that tells a unique psychological narrative of the young girl Hanabi Yasuraoka. The focus is on unrequited love and sorrow, as well as things that don’t lead to the best ending. It is also a look at the difficulty of being able to follow your own heart. Because Narumi has a crush on the music teacher Akane. The show’s anime isn’t lighthearted at all Dark and dark and reveals how brutal love can be.

17) Mamimi Samejima

Mamimi Samejima is one of the main characters of The FLCL animation series. A high school student who is truant with a pyromaniacal personality Naota’s brother Tasuku’s girlfriend. However, it seems that she’s established a relationship with Naota after his brother’s departure from Japan.

Her past is one of struggle. She is having a difficult time making friends and is lonely without a family that is supportive. Mamimi is a sad girl from anime who is frequently victimized, and she lacks confidence in herself. She eventually leaves the town and become a photographer thanks to the photograph she snapped of Naota towards the conclusion of the final scene.

16) Iwakura Lain

The show follows an innocent young woman called Lain who has adventures in Wired The story is a psychological avant-garde mystery about Lain fourteen-year-old Lain who discovers her true identity through the series of anime.

Lain is a sad, emotionless anime girl who has a sad face, and with serious personal problems. She feels a disconnect from her surroundings, and a lack of ability to deal with love, family and friendship. Lain, who has suddenly lost control of Wired, is in a desperate search for the meaning of everything she encounters. She makes crucial choices that impact both worlds and she’ll eventually understand.

15) Moeka Kiryu

Moeka Kiryu, who is part of the show “Steins Gate” is shy and not as sociable as she was in the past. Because she was the victim of harassment and bullying at times, she’s always claiming to be calm and calm. Viewers often get glimpses of the depressing feelings of this sad girl in anime.

Moeka is a sad and depressed personality. She doesn’t wish to feel like this However, she is desperate for someone who can be able to accept her to make her feel valued. Moeka is an anime character who was extremely disordered and later developed depression as she felt constantly ignored by people around her.

14) Yuki Nagato

Yuki Nagato is the protagonist from the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu series. She’s a virtual alien. Contrary to her humanoid, she’s quite shy and has a difficult time expressing her thoughts in words.

Nagato is the most reliable and trustworthy Kyon. She’s depicted as an otaku, sexually playing eroge games, playing cosplay and adoring manga and anime. In later episodes, she’ll even show emotions like happiness or sadness that would be impossible for aliens.

13) Victorique de Blois

Victorique is a Tsundere-like model of the show Gosick. She typically has an aggressive attitude and a powerful voice. However, her charm is awe-inspiring, drawing the attention of people in her vicinity. Victorique knows her stuff and is skilled at manipulating people using her manipulative skills to obtain what she wants easily.

Victorique often commits to an act of being sarcastic or harsh However, she has some other aspects to her personality. It’s said that she’s indifferent to ordinary life which is why she usually requests Kujo to bring in the things that might otherwise distract or entertain her.

12) Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia is an anime character with black hair from the anime series Bleach that was developed by Tite Kubo. Rukia is a constantly changing protagonist who has a lot of tough moments and is depressed at times.

Kuchiki Rukia was abandoned when she was a child, until Renji discovered her along with other of his buddies who they would grow to maturity and eventually were taken in by Byakuya.

The quiet and cool demeanour that Rukia often displays assists her in hiding her struggles from her loved ones. According to Ukitake Ukitake, Rukia never opens her mouth and is unable to make acquaintances.

Rukia loves everything about rabbits and may become very sensitive towards those who make fun of or mock this love.

11) Yuuko Kanoe

Yuuko is the ghost of the girl that died within the oldest structure of Seikyou Academy. Even though her appearance gives off an unsettling appearance, she’s actually an extremely kind and cheerful anime girl. She lost her memories and disappeared until she was discovered by a young man known as Teiichi.

With the help of Teiichi, they set out to find her memories, which were lost through the years in their schools. What has been discovered during the course of the investigation were many questions that were both puzzling and frightening?

10) Mizore Shirayuki

The story is set in the Yokai Academy in which paranormal creatures interact with humans. Mizore Shirayuki is an Vampire anime character with purple hair that is purple. She is a part of one of the clubs at the academy and would like to get the attention of one of their members, Tsukune.

When Mizore was first introduced to the world, she was depicted as a depressed, lonely and misunderstood sad manga girl. In the beginning of the semester she admitted her affection to Okuto Kotsubo (Mizore’s teacher). The result was that he took advantage of her and resulted in her being a victim of a sham. At the beginning, she appears as a stoic and awkward girl. However, when she’s with Tsukune her emotions rise out.

9) Hayami Kohinata

Hayami Kohinata was profoundly affected by the greed of her family and the things that happened to them. They were slammed by the public and the wealth they enjoyed in the past was taken from them, all while she was an outcast living on a bus that had been abandoned.

Hayami was first introduced as a tsundere-anime girl with black hair that looks cold and violent from the outside, but she’s warm and loving on the inside, when Takuma comes to her. Hayami is just like the other characters who are emotionally charged, hopeful, and long for strong affections.

8) Misuzu Kamio Sad Anime Girl

Misuzu Kamio plays the lead character of”Air,” an anime “Air.” Misuzu is the incarnation of Kannabi-noMikoto, one of Japan’s most ancient gods and is traditionally depicted as an adult male. Misuzu is depicted as a typical female who simply happens to be young.

Reincarnation has Misuzu able to experience painful memories of Kanna whom she is extremely attracted to. They’re so painful that she bursts into tears when she thinks of them or when she gets too intimate with one.

The story of The Anime, the protagonist’s life gets more miserable and painful with time. In contrast to other women on this page, she doesn’t have her happy end.

7) Sakura Matou

Sakura Matou is a beautiful sad anime girl with blue hair. an important heroine of Fate/stay night. She is also the “true” Master of Rider, Sabre Alter, and Berserker in Heaven’s Feel route.

She is the adoptive daughter to Shinji Matou and a sister to Rin Tohsaka. Additionally, she was a fan of Shirou Emiya who would only consider her a family member.

Sakura is a shy person initially, but she usually is concerned about how people perceive her. Shirou states that she is a person with internal strength and is capable of sometimes being determined. But, she could also be bitter towards people who are around her

6) Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe is the civilian name for Sailor Saturn, who was born as a baby, and adopted by her colleagues Outer Sailor Guardians. Later, she grew to the age of a child, and is reborn to become Sailor Saturn.

Hotaru Tomoe is a timid, sweet and lonely anime character who was at one point , depressed. She always felt that she didn’t have true friends, until she found her closest acquaintance, Rini. She was forced to work in hiding her dark side and keep herself in check so that she didn’t be too angry with Rini and end up damaging the relationship.

5) Enma Ai

Enma Ari is the main character from The Jigoku Shoujo series. With her long flowing black hair, flowing, and eyes that are red, she is an entity of the spirit world with a dark past living in an environment of perpetual twilight alongside her grandmother. Her mission is to exact revenge for her victims.

Enma is well-known for her unpredictable and unfeeling behaviour. She’s not emotionally triggered and, in addition, Enma is only speaking when needed and isn’t a waste of words before other people.

The 3rd season of the series we can see glimpses of emotions for Ai throughout. The tears are gushing from her eyes.

4) Kikyo

Kikyo is a beloved woman from “Inuyasha” who passed away over fifty years ago! Naraku had torn Kikyo and Inuyasha apart for fifty years and was brought back into life by the ogre Urasue. However, she doesn’t quite seem like herself.

While Kikyo appears to be a depressed woman, it’s shown in the show that she was once an optimistic girl. She was incredibly compassionate towards all people, even her enemies. She was seen attending Onigumo’s well being even though he’s an illegal bandit.

3) Violet Evergarden

Violet is a ghostwriter who, after the war settles down, starts to settle into normal civilian life. She also tries to reconnect with her emotions and search for what her former commander wanted to tell her.

Violet was raised to be a weapon, not a normal human being, which made her expressionless. She didn’t understand human feelings well, because she never experienced them herself. However, she does have human emotions – it’s just that she can’t recognize them.

By the end of the series, Violet turns into a fully accomplished Doll. She also comes to understand the phrase “I love you” along with her own and others’ emotions and feelings much better, so she becomes noticeably more expressive and happier than before.

2) Haruka Kotoura

Haruka Kotoura was a child born gifted to be able to discern thoughts. This made her thought of as a child who was misunderstood. She often would mutter what others were thinking, and get herself in all sorts of trouble like being harassed or being denied the right to play sports because she could consistently win games by reading the mind of the other players.

The fear of losing family members who were close to her led our sad, anime character to feel emotionally exhausted. Sad Anime Girl Since she was on her own her personality was depressed, unfriendly, aloof, and hostile. When she met Yoshihisa Manabe, she was speaking up and becoming more warm and friendly.

1) Shouko Nishimiya

Shouko Nishimiya, a female main character of the popular anime Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice). She is an anime character who suffered a difficult childhood and was victimised throughout her life because she is deaf at the elementary level and is unable to communicate with people.

What I love about this anime character is she has a beautiful attitude towards life, and a positive outlook even though she has been being bullied. She is able to cope with her unfortunate circumstances, yet always keeps her smile Sad Anime Girl .

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