Top 29 Best Romantic Anime Movies

The top 29 Best Romance Anime Movies: What’s the motivation of this list? I’ve been looking for “best romantic anime films” for quite a while. There are many great romance series and I am thrilled to find such a good selection here. In addition to “read manga on the internet” There are many different ways to experience them.

29. Hoshi no Koe: Voices of A Distant Star

You may be surprise to know that A Distant Star is not just normal anime films. They’re real life stories which were based on true events. These two movies, one about lovers separated by war, the other about a spaceship crew who discover a missing woman on an alien planet, are not common in the anime genre. But they surely offer a different, romantic and contemplative experience! Take a look at the top 29 best romance anime movies listed below to get your inspiration.

28. Omoide Poro Poro: Only Yesterday 

“Only Yesterday” is a heartfelt and surprisingly serious look at a young girl’s childhood, and the profound way it affected her later life. Based on the novel by Kihachi Okamoto, the film stars Kon Ichikawa as Shimako Tsuchimikado, a pre-teen girl that lives with her parents in Kyoto prefecture. Without much ambition or direction, she spends her days wandering around town and dreaming of what tomorrow might bring, but one day a young American couple who are visiting Japan stop by their house for tea. Their friendly smiles and modern customs cause Shimako to question why she doesn’t see herself as cultured like them, and she starts questioning how cultural disparity has changed the way people view things. Always an interesting film, “Only Yesterday” has a slow plot but excellent production values that make this look like more than just a shot-by-shot translation of the book (even though it is).

27. Hal

Hal naturally recalls the evil artificial intelligence that Kubrick created in his epic space-drama 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968). However, Hal as depicted in Ryotara Makihara’s animated series is a humanoid that is able to aid a grieving girl. The show is set in the future in which robots helping humans are widespread and used to treat ailments too. In this futuristic society, Kurumi loses her boyfriend through an accident. In the aftermath, a robot that resembles her ex-boyfriend attempts to pull Kurumi away from her despair and accept her loss.

Through the course of this, Hal also learns a significant amount about the relationship between Kurumi and Hal, and discovers new perspectives on the human condition. The film is full of intriguing emotional moments and ponders intriguing philosophical issues. With a brief duration of only 60 minutes the animation isn’t able to fully exploit its intriguing idea. However, it’s a enjoyable tale of lost love and the healing process.

26. Hello World

Tomohiko’s Hello World is an sci-fi romantic story set in 2027, a the technologically sophisticated city of Kyoto. The protagonist is a high-school pupil Naomi Katagaki is a shy girl who wants to come out of her inner shell to become more confident.

A few days later, Naomi’s futuristic self comes to him and explains an untrue supercomputer. Naomi’s younger self also discusses why he needs for him to help his friend Ruri who is whom he’s bound to be in love with. Also, Ruri is likely to die from lightning within three months. There’s more to Naomi’s role, which will be revealed at the conclusion.

In contrast to Makoto Shinkai Ito does not succeed in convincingly mixing romance and sci-fi elements. The plot is exciting as well as some scenes are amazing. However, Hello World isn’t quite living up to the original expectations of the story’s concept. Despite gorgeous images and charming characters the romance is stale and boring.

25. Akagami no Shirayukihime: Snow White with the Red Hair

This is a show that is extremely relaxing to watch.

It’s a rom-com-like film with a chemistry that is steady. There’s also no threat that could disrupt the progress of the relationship between the characters.

It’s not to say that nothing ever happens. However, it’s very calm.

The main character is a herbalist and her lover is a charming prince, it’s just innocent.

If you don’t pay attention to the other attractive prince that abuses his authority, that is.

24. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

The two principal actors in this series include Sawako as well as 2000s horror.

Okay, that’s an a little confusing. In the end the main female character Sawako cannot seem to make anyone to talk to because everyone believes she’s exactly like the lady of the Ring.

What could they be thinking about when they see that cute face and think , “that’s beyond me.

There’s a guy with a functioning eye, Shouta who is her ticket to friendship.

Maybe perhaps even greater than just friendship. Kidding.

23. Sasaki to Miyano: Sasaki & Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano Sasaki & Miyano an uplifting BL animation that features delightfully sweet scenes with the two main characters. Miyano is an avid BL manga lover who is trying to keep his passion hidden from the rest of the world until he gets to know Sasaki who persuaded him into loaning the manga to read. Their relationship grows stronger as they become friends over the manga.

22. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Your Lie In April

Your The Lie in April is a perfect choice for those who love music and want that will tug at their heartstrings for a little. The story is about a pianist named Kosei who was unable to play due to his mother’s death. He sees the world in monochromatic shades, reflecting his sadness.

21. Kotonoha no Niwa: The Garden of Words

In contrast to the title it speaks a lot without the word usage. It lets the stunning animation of Shinkai perform the bulk all the speaking. A teacher aged 27 and a 15-year-old student are able to escape the tangle of daily life and meet in a green space. They fill the gaps in their life in the most romantic way they can. It’s easy to feel the love as well as petrichor on the screen , and that’s really the only thing amazing about this realistically-made film!

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20. Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome: The Night is Short, Walk on Girl

In what appears to be a novel of James Joyce, a young girl has a gruelling evening in Kyoto drinking all night and meeting a variety of people. Her senpai who is in love with, follows her around trying to catch her attention in such a way that appears to be something out of the ordinary. This bizarre romantic comedy is precisely what you want to look into if you’re seeking something new. Even the animation is different from the ones we’re familiar with, making the experience awe-inspiring.

19. Bungaku Shoujo: Book Girl 

The romance anime film is based on Konoha Inoue who is the protagonist who has the status of a senior high 2nd year student. The movie can be described as normal, in the absence of it being the case that he once used as a woman writer. In the aftermath of the incident, he pledged to never write ever again. The vow was reaffirmed until he/she was forced to join an literary group by the head of the club. a gorgeous third-year female student called Amano Tomoko. The literary club is known for its love of literature. In the coming days, Konoha has been assigned to write her snack for her each day.

18. Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito y:.Her Blue Sky

It’s a fantastic romantic film which tells the tale of a Second-year high-school student Aoi Ioi. She is an eager musician. Her older sister’s Ex-boyfriend Shinnosuke Kanomura has a difficult time being a musician. Aoi as well as Akane’s father were killed through an accident that occurred 13 years ago. Akane abandoned her dream of travelling into Tokyo to meet Shinnosuke.

One day, as Aoi plays the bass, she meets Shinno the old school acquaintance who was 13 years old! She also noticed the older version of him, aged 31 who was in town. He had transformed drastically! There are now two Shinnos in existence. But , what is the Shinno from the past has done in this moment?

17.  Byousoku 5 Centimeter: 5 Centimeters per Second 

This is one of the top romantic anime films to take in which explores the consequences that occur when two individuals fall in love but they are not meant to be.

Takaki as well as Akari were close friends from childhood however, their circumstances made it more difficult to keep in touch. Despite time and the distance that has grown between the two, their shared memories create a bridge in time that is able to hold on.

The story revolves around the emotional suffering of not being able stay in touch with your beloved when you are in a long-distance relationship. Takaki and Akari are determined to keep the possibility of seeing one their former selves again but it’s not possible when there are so many obstacles that stand in their way. They harm themselves and people around them, because they appear to be living a solitary life.

16. Neko no Ongaeshi: The Cat Returns  

Haru is a high school pupil from Japan (Chizuru Ikewaki) is rescued by a cat, and learns that it’s actually the prince Lune (and you’re aware of the way things work). In gratitude to the Cat King invites for her hand in marriage to his son Lune and she gladly accepts.

What happens to Haru’s world after she is transported into Haru’s world when she is taken to Cat Kingdom is determined by her inability from returning to her home. The Baron, and Toto who was revived, will try their best to ensure that they provide Haru with everything she needs to go home and gain her freedom.

15. Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda: The Anthem of The Heart 

“The Anthem of the Heart” is an anime movie from the creators behind the popular series of romance “Anohana” along with “Toradora.” This film proves that how it’s acceptable to express your emotions in a way that is authentic.

The story follows one girl who is separated with her family over her cruel remarks and since this point on, she battles with guilt, regret, and regret. These negative emotions are manifested in the form of an Egg Fairy that cursed her by sealing her mouth to ensure she never be able to hurt anyone else with foolish words again.

But she was then forced to perform in musical to her delight, she was able to convey her thoughts and feelings by singing.

14. Doukyusei: Classmates

Doukyuusei’s literal meaning is classmates. The film is considered Shoko Nakamura’s best work due to the ease with which it portrays human emotion. Hikaru Kusakabe, who is a member of a rock group is inspired to assist fellow classmates Rihito Sajou, who is a straight-A student, in his preparations for the forthcoming chorus festival. The two brothers begin to develop feelings for one another. The result is a touching love story that will draw every thread out of your heart.

13. KazeTachinu: The Wind Rises

This fictional account of the story of Jiro Horikoshi may be among the top gorgeous animated romantic films ever produced by Studio Ghibli. However, the central theme isn’t romance, but rather of Jiro following his dream of building the legendary Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter aircraft and the toll it causes on his body. The movie is a bit anti-war in its tone. The one thing that is noticeable in the film is the amazing relationship that exists between Jiro with his partner Naoko Satomi. This is a film will not leave you disappointed.

12. Hotarubi no Mori e:  Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light

In this dark and romantic film A girl named Hotaru is into love with Gin an mysterious forest spirit who is masked. However, the problem is that Gin disappears once he’s approached by an human. Oh, love! The things you can make people do. Talk about relationships that span distances! It’s even more difficult. This beautiful and heartbreaking film will certainly make you cry.

11. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Wotakoi The Love Is Hard To Get Otaku can be described as an unpretentious romantic comedy that will appeal to older viewers. Although many romance films take place in high schools the one in this is set in a work environment. It’s a cute anime with plenty of pop-culture references for viewers to be able to recognize, making the characters more likeable.

Narumi is a normal office worker struggling to find a balance between her work and personal life. In particular, she has a hard time keeping her otaku interests to herself from colleagues. Her lover, Hirotaka, doesn’t see the problems with talking about her interests in the workplace. He is tolerant of her as she is.

10. Koe No Katachi: A Silent Voice

Naoko Yamada’s Silent Voice by Naoko Yamada Silent Voice is not an ordinary first-love romantic animated film. It tackles difficult subjects like disability, bullying and the stigma of ostracism. The series was a remake of the manga that became a sensation of the same title. The story follows the high-school student Shoya Ishida who plans to commit suicide. Prior to that, he would like express his sorrow to the girl he bullied in the middle school period. Six years ago, Ishida was the typical funny person in the class. His jokes frequently came at the other students at the expense of others.

Shy Shoko Nishimiya who has a hearing impairment had to endure Ishida’s bully program. Nishimiya was transferred to a different school and then Ishida was the victim of bullying. The regretful Ishida is meanwhile learning sign language and is determined to get back at Nishimiya. In the end, after spending time with each other, a romantic relationship develops between the two. But, A Silent Voice is a great way to capture teenage anxiety about social interaction and effects of bullying.

9. Howl no Ugoku Shiro: Howl’s Moving Castle

Hayao Miyazaki is an eminent name in the world of anime. His work under the banner of the highly acclaimed Studio Ghibli has always proven to be a shining example of excellence and brilliance. The Howl’s Moving Castle is an unusual love story of wizard Howl and a girl called Sophia. Sophia age prematurely due to the curse of a witch, and Howl goes beyond to end the curse. The film’s fantasy is considered to be among some of the loveliest anime films ever.

8. Toradora!

Prior to the series, Toradora!, tsundere characters weren’t greeted with the same awe as they are now. Fortunately, the show made the archetype more popular which led to a growing number of fans falling over themselves in love with this types of characters.

7. Tamako Māketto: Tamako Love Story

The storyline The plot: As she nears the final year in her school career Tamako Kitashirakawa is a lively but uninformed third-year Tamako kitashirakawa changes when Mochizou decides it’s the right time to admit that he is in love with Tamako in the near future otherwise his romantic dream will never come true.

Tamako Love Story is one of the sweetest romantic anime films I’ve seen. It’s a sweet story of two childhood friends who develop feelings for each other. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys watching romance films. It’s an amazing title that has gorgeous art styles and amazing soundtracks.

6. Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 

The Girl who leapt through Time is A Japanese animation movie that tells the tale of a high school student, Makoto Konno, who is accidentally transported back to the past. In the wake of her newfound abilities to travel through time, she embarks on jumping in time adventures employing it to her advantage. However, she quickly learns the hard way that each decision has consequences and that using time to play is more complex than it appear. The anime film premiered in 2006 and received praise from the audience.

5. Orenji-iro: Orange

Orange can make viewers cry however, it’s a fun to watch. It follows a girl in high school named Naho who comes across an autobiography written by her 10 years from the future. The future version of her warns Naho to keep an eye out for Kakeru Naruse.

She also expresses regrets about actions she took in the past, and attempts to guide your younger self towards a positive direction. Naho discovers much about herself through the letters, but as the story unfolds she begins to regret her actions. Naho was in love with Kakeru and was in a position to save Kakeru from his fate.

4. Mimi wo Sumaseba: Whisper of the Heart

Yoshifumi Kondo’s Whisper of the Heart is the most grounded of those Ghibli Studio films as it gives up some elements from fantasy. Like many Ghibli films, this one is a reflection of the inner struggles and personal discovery of a young girl.

The film is characterized by a sophisticated visual style the emotional rollercoaster is centered on Shizuku who is an aspiring young reader. She enjoys spending her summer break in the library , and has an ambition to be an author. Then, Shizuku notices that most of the books she’s borrowed from the library were prior to being borrowed by the exact same person whose name is Seiji Amasawa..

Shizuku’s fascination takes her towards Seiji Seiji, who is a violin maker in training. Intoxicated by the emotions of love at first sight, Shizuku attempts to fulfill her goals. Director Kondo was a protégé of Miyazaki as was the storyline for the series is written by the legendary Miyazaki. The story and the characters are meticulously drawn. Furthermore, it creates an upbeat mood throughout.

3. Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai: I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

I Want to Take Your Pancreas is a emotional and heartbreaking show that will make everyone weep. It’s about a girl called Sakura and, even with having a chronic pancreas disease, is determined to get the most of her existence. A few days later, Haruki comes across her journal and finds out her secrets.

She’s never even informed her closest acquaintances about the condition however, now a complete stranger has discovered. They became closer due to this information and went on various trips together until they realized it wasn’t enough. The story is a tragic ending, which is when Haruki discovered that he ought to have confessed earlier, before it was too late.

2. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

People who are looking for something that makes them beg and scream until they’re crying need to take a look at Kaguya’s Sama. Love Is War. This groundbreaking romantic comedy combines the high-stakes psychological battle that is Death Note with the pure humor of innocent Shojo classics.

Kaguya and Miyuki have feelings for one another But they’re so proud that admitting it can be similar to pulling your teeth. They make each other play mind games that they think will get one another to spill their secrets.

1. Kimi no Na Wa: Your Name  

A love story has never been as heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Be prepared to step into a universe that is quite unlike the one we experience, yet one that shares the same emotions as those we experience. From the very beginning of the Makoto Shinkai masterpiece you’ll be captivated, not just by the gorgeous animation, but also by the incredible story.

This isn’t the kind of film that could put into one category. It’s a balanced blend of everything that is great and real. The amazing music of Radwimps will be awestruck and enthralled. It is, without doubt, the greatest romantic anime film ever created.