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Top Anime Characters With Glasses

anime glasses

anime glasses

If eyes are the window to soul Then eyeglasses are the windows the soul’s eyes. There is only one purpose for glasses. One could argue that the primary objective of the glasses is to enhance the vision of wearers, but this is a blunder. The truth is that, based on the setting in the setting in which glasses are worn glasses can cause the wearer to appear like a geek, or, in the opposite direction they will create a cool appearance. And we would guess that 9/10 anime enthusiasts would be in agreement with this assertion.

Keima Katsuragi From The World Only God Knows

When the genre of harem is discussed what first springs to mind is the Harem. The second thing that pops into your mind is the protagonist from a harem and their physics-challenging, gravity-defying cliches. These cliches, more like forced fanservice, cast the negative light of the harem characters, and also the harem genre in whole.

There are plenty of fantastic Harem-related characters to choose from for example, Keima Katsuragi is just one of them. Keima is a character in the harem who does not follow the rules of normal. Keima could be among the most well-written harem heroes on animation platforms.

Shinpachi Shimura From Gintama

Despite being among the least rated Shonen animations, Gintama has a strong fan base. The show is a mashup of genres, with the Shonen genre receiving the shorter part of the stick. aspects of comedy are a bit overly common.

In reality Shinpachi is the exact the opposite to comic relief. Shinpachi is the reality review. Because of the unique series that it truly is Gintama’s entire main cast is made up by comic relief character. The only person to keep this bizarre cast in touch with the real world is Shinpachi.

Tenya Iida From My Hero Academia

There’s a bizarre connection between characters in anime that wear glasses and responsibilities. The Shonen series always depicts them as the most calm.

Shinpachi’s task is to manage an entire series under control Tenya’s task may seem less difficult however, it’s equally vital. Tenya is accountable to keep Class 1-A in order. The Class president is taking his work very seriously. You will avoid running through the streets while he is watching.

Yukio Okimura From Blue Exorcist

Yukio Okimura plays the principal character in The Blue Exorcist. He is Rin’s younger brother, and – ding ding you’ve been warned, his babysitter. Through their entire childhood, Yukio has always been taking care of his older brother, and this did not change until the age of adulthood.

It wasn’t just that Yukio not feel resentful towards his brother’s trouble, but he also was a hard worker and eventually was an exorcist by the age of seven to the cause of protecting his useless brother. What a wonderful brotherly bond!

Hange Zoe From Attack On Titan

In the initial half of Attack on Titan, we saw very little activity from Hange. After the beginning of the second half we were more conscious of her appearance, until the unintentional fact that she was the most-loved character. The Hange’s strategies helped greatly in maintaining the group’s existence as well as humanity, and they’ll continue to do so.

Silvers Rayleigh From One Piece

Glasses in anime aren’t always intended to improve your vision. Sometimes, they’re used just for the sake of it. Rayleigh wears glasses but we know that they’re completely not needed. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether Rayleigh had been legally blind. he would be able to perform equally well with zero vision. When you reach the Rayleigh degree of observational haki vision ceases to matter.

Maes Hughes From Fullmetal Alchemist

In general, eyeglasses are a symbol of the seriousness and sophistication of a person, but in Hughes’s instance, they symbolized something more. Hughes was an amusing and funny man who was observant and smart. He was an uncle figure to the younger Elric brothers as well as an important player in the military. His death was among the most heartbreaking moments of the entire series.

Uryu Ishida From Bleach

Ishida is part of the main characters from Bleach and was the initial Quincy that was introduced. He is a quiet person who is a perfect example of the positive things his glasses say about his character. He was always the team’s brain. In the absence of him Ichigo along with the rest of the group would have had a harder time performing whatever dangerous acts they were up to.

Shiroe From Log Horizon

The Isekai genre exploded during the first half of the decade prior there was a lot of Isekai anime started to flood into. Log Horizon was among the pioneers and, oddly the way it was, it was also among the most original. The series isn’t a follow-up to the standard Isekai plot and, in particular, how it treated its main character. Shiroe is definitely the most popular of Isekai characters.

Kabuto From Naruto

In his first appearance, we were convinced that he would be nothing more than what he was an unreliable nanny. And, boy, was we proved to be wrong repeatedly. Kabuto was a spy for the majority of his time as an agent of the state. He was the snake until he was truly became a dragon, and then he reverted into the form of a dragon. Naruto can be described as a show that is filled with well-written villains. This can mean that great villains like Kabuto are often ignored.

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