Top 16 Anime Devil characters of all time

Top anime devil characters

Devil or Demons– the most powerful evil being.

Do they sound scary? Ssshhhhh Yes! they do

They could have even snuck up in your dreams and you may have screamed in sleep.

Over the years various anime has produced legendary and powerful demons that have been formidable enemies as well as beloved characters. Comparing them with each other, it’s difficult to imagine that could truly rule the world of anime. In this article, we are listing 16 highly voted anime devils by viewers. Let’s discover

16. Nura Rikuo (Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan)

As a child, Rikuo Nura–a youngster who was both a Youkai and human, became the Nura Clan’s youngest master.

Rikuo considered the clan, composed of youkai of different sizes and shapes as a family unit, however, it soon became apparent that he was not the only person among his fellows who felt the same way regarding them.

The majority of people view them as terrifying folklore creatures who ate children and reveled in violence. Rikuo decided to live an ordinary life after he pondered this for a while. However, the young Rikuo struggles to establish a normal life.

His youkai companion, who goes to school with him as Tsurara Oikawa, his younger Onmyouji Yura Keikain, as well as his close friend Kiyotsugu who idolizes youkai and wants to prove his existence undermines the purpose of his. Youkai that are competing with each other and other forces could be a threat to endangering the lives of the things and people Rikuo is a fan of.

Rikuo must accept his ancestry – that it is the Nurarihyon’s great-grandson–and undergo an evening youkai transformation to be worthy of being the Nura Clan’s next leader, if the goal is to preserve his most important values.

15. The Demon Girl Next Door (Machikado Mazoku)

Yuuko Yoshida, a high school girl, wakes up with monster horns and a tail after having an odd dream about an enigmatic ancestor.

Her mother tells her a terrible family secret while she is dazed and confused: her family is descended from a Dark Clan that was exiled by their mortal foes, the magical girls of the Light Clan, to dwell in poverty and powerlessness. Yuuko must track down a magical girl, kill her, and smear her blood all over her ancestor’s Devil God statue in order to break the curse placed on them by their ancestors.

Fortunately for “Shadow Mistress Yuuko,” a magical girl prevents a truck from running over her. Momo Chiyoda, a Sakuragaoka High classmate of Yuuko’s, is regrettably much stronger than her in terms of both strength and endurance.

The magical girl offers to teach Yuuko and assist her in awakening her latent abilities because she feels sorry for her weak attacker. In order to save her family from the crushing weight of poverty, Yuuko must now take action and overthrow her kind adversary.

14. Ushio To Tora

The son of an eccentric temple priest, Ushio Aotsuki is an obstinate middle school student who disregards his father’s assertions about mythical creatures called youkai in favor of going about his daily life.

But when he takes care of the temple while his father is gone at business, he makes a startling discovery while doing his chores: he discovers a frightening youkai impaled by the legendary devil Spear in the basement.

Tora, known for his destructive abilities, is the devil in issue and he seeks to force Ushio to break his 500-year seal on him.

Indifferent to his claims, Ushio declines to free him. But when a sudden youkai outbreak threatens his friends and home, he is forced to rely on Tora, with the ancient spear serving as his only backup plan in case things go out of hand. The unusual pair’s trip into the spiritual realm begins only after Ushio and Tora first meet. Ushio will discover how real and dangerous the supernatural realm can be while holding the fabled Beast Spear.

13. Endro 

Naral Island is located in a magical and intrepid universe. A Demon Lord rises to terrorise the earth every generation, and every generation a Hero is born to defeat him.

The cycle has continued indefinitely with no end in sight. Juulia “Yusha” Charldetto, the newest Hero, and her party, which also includes responsible priest Seiran “Seira” Élénoir, intriguing wizard Meiza “Mei” Endust, and hyperactive fighter Fai Fai, have nearly finished their courageous mission.

Yusha’s crew uses a dangerous spell to hurl their adversary into the ebbs of time in the Demon Lord’s final battle. When the incantation fails, Yusha and her companions are transported back in time to a period before the Demon Lord, before Yusha is recognized as the Hero, and even before the group has earned their degree as an explorer.

The four girls restart their efforts to become the Hero’s Party and attempt to vanquish the Demon Lord after having their memories of the future erased. The Demon Lord was also sent back in time with her memories unharmed, though, in an unexpected turn of events.

In order to prevent Yusha from becoming a hero, the Demon Lord transforms into a young girl and adopts the name, Mao. He then enters the adventurers’ school as a teacher. As the story opens, Yusha and her comrades are on a mission to vanquish the Demon Lord, but they have no idea that the person they are looking for is right there by their side.

12. Rage of Bahamut

In a world where gods and demons coexist with humans thousands of years ago, the ancient dragon Bahamut wreaked disaster on Mistarcia. The competing deities collaborated to seal Bahamut in order to save the world, and they decided to divide the key amongst themselves in order to keep the dragon imprisoned forever.

For bounty hunters like Favaro Leone, it is business as usual now that the world has been spared from Bahamut’s devastation. The amoral Favaro pursues his business while leading a carefree, self-centered lifestyle while evading Kaisar Lidfard, a fellow bounty hunter who vows vengeance on Favaro.

But when Favaro meets Amira, a mysterious woman who possesses one-half of the secret to the world’s precarious peace, his carefree existence is upended.

In Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, a group of unexpected heroes are forced to choose their own path in the face of an impending storm after being embroiled in an epic battle between gods and demons.

11. Claymore

When “youma,” a shape-shifting devil with a voracious appetite for human flesh, enters Raki’s village, a lone woman with silver eyes enters the community carrying only a sword on her back. She is a “Claymore,” an artificial entity created to kill these monsters that are half human and half youma.

Claymore saves Raki’s life after his family is murdered, but as a result, he is exiled from his house.

Raki, who has nowhere else to go, discovers the Claymore known as Clare and agrees to travel with her. The two battle as they move from town to town, learning more about Clare’s group and her fellow warriors in the process.

They get closer to the youma on which Clare has been seeking vengeance ever since she decided to become a Claymore as each village is purified and each devil is vanquished.

10. Overlord

The last few minutes of the well-known virtual reality game Yggdrasil are here. However, when the servers start to go down, Momonga, a formidable wizard and the leader of the evil guild Ainz Ooal Gown, chooses to spend his final moments playing the game. To his amazement, Momonga is still fully awake as his character even though the clock has struck midnight, and additionally, the non-player characters seem to have grown identities of their own!

When faced with this unusual circumstance, Momonga orders his obedient followers to assist him in exploring and taking control of this new universe in order to learn what has caused this development and whether there are any other individuals experiencing a similar condition.

9. Kemono Jihen

A hostess at a nearby inn assigns Kohachi Inugami, a detective with expertise in the supernatural, to look into a series of occurrences involving rotting and dismembered cattle bodies that have started showing up seemingly out of the blue in a lonely village in rural Japan.

Inugami spots a strange young lad laboring in the fields as he surveys the area. The teenage farmhand, who is shunned by his classmates and known as “Dorotabou” because of his smell, is shocked that anyone would be interested in him.

Despite the villagers’ scornful looks, Inugami recruits Dorotabou to assist him in the inquiry because he is curious. Unbeknownst to Dorotabou, this inquiry would open his eyes to a bizarre new world—one in which the devil-like creatures known as Kemono coexist with people—and give his hitherto meaningless existence a new direction.

8. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yuusuke Urameshi is a delinquent 14-year-old who has grim prospects, gets a chance to transform his life when he leaps into the path of a vehicle to save a tiny child. The spiritual rulers remain hesitant to let his death since his ultimate act of self-sacrifice is completely uncharacteristic. 

Yuusuke gets the chance to return to his life after taking on a series of tasks from Koenma who is the next person to the gods of the realm of the spirit. In his role as a spirit detective, his job is to deter the devil forces that are threatening Earth under the guidance of the god of death Botan.

Yuusuke hires two demons who have criminal records, Hiei and Kurama, along with his former foe Kazuma Kuwabara who will assist in his mission. Together, they train for battle and train opponents who are a threat to humanity itself.

7. Sadao Maou

The Demon King of Ente Isla is named Sadao. 

He fled following the battle with Hero Emilia and the human race before he landed in the world of the human race in modern-day Japan along with the general of his army, Ashiya, and transformed into a human form. 

He gets a part-time job at McD’s to pay the bills but, as time passes progresses to a full-time job.

6.Sebastian Michaelis

The Phantomhive family’s demon butler is Sebastian Michaelis. Because I am simply one hell of a butler, he frequently refers to himself.

As the butler of the Phantomhive family, Sebastian is highly talented in all areas and effortlessly manages every duty, no matter how difficult, as well as any issue that results from the mistakes of the other employees.

He claims that this is only natural for someone of his caliber.

This is because he is a demon who is constrained to follow Ciel’s wishes by a Faustian contract. Sebastian’s left hand, which has once been used to twist a kidnapper’s arm without touching him, bears a mark resembling the one marking Ciel’s right eye.

5. Rin Okumura

Using a katana known as the Kurikara or Koumaken, which is used to battle devils, Rin can access the strength he inherited from Satan. The sheath serves as a gateway to Gehenna, the domain of devil, and when drawn, it transforms Rin back into a devil.

In his human form, Rin has certain physical characteristics that indicate to his demonic origins, such as teeth that look sharper, ears that are slightly pointed, and a tail with tufts of black fur (which he keeps hidden in his shirt). As a devil, Rin develops long, elf-like ears, two blue flames that float above his head, and dazzling blue eyes. In both guises, Rin almost always has control over the destructive bright blue flames that are Satan’s signature. But when he draws Kurikara, the intensity of the flames soars, frequently causing Rin to get “consumed” by his own flames and go insane. Kuro, a demon Familiar Cat Sith who was formerly Father Fujimoto’s, is another companion of Rin.

He is surprisingly skilled with his hands, and he can prepare both Japanese and Western cuisine (home cuisine).

4. Etherious Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

As a member of Team Natsu, Natsu Dragneel (also known as Natsu Doraguniru) is a Mage in the Fairy Tail Guild. He is Zeref Dragneel’s younger brother and originally passed away 400 years ago before being resurrected as E.N.D. (Enu D), his brother’s most potent etherious.

Natsu is one of the five Dragon Slayers that were transported to the future from the past 400 years, and she has a further function in aiding in the downfall of Acnologia. 

3. Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)

Muzan Kibutsuji, the ultimate devil in the realm of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, is both terrible and enigmatic.

Muzan, the first demon and hence the Demon King, has terrorised Japan for a thousand years. Muzan is a monster, practically immortal in the fullest meaning of the word, one whose might makes even the deadliest demons tremble with fear in his presence.

Muzan is an unimaginable nightmare, capable of creating and commanding demons, and able to survive decapitation and even the total annihilation of his body.

Muzan, like all other demons, was once a human even though he was the Demon King and the embodiment of evil.

2. Kurama (Naruto)

The Nine Tail Beast known as Kurama had Naruto Uzumaki as his jinchuriki.

Kurama is finally persuaded to assist Naruto by the latter’s optimistic outlook in spite of everything he has through during his life. Along with Naruto, he also uses his strength to serve the world rather than destroy it.

Hagoromo Otsutsuki is highly respected by Kurama, and he has fond memories of him. Despite his aggressive speech patterns, Kurama does express concern for his pals.

1.Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Yuji Itadori, a teenager with all the cuteness of a puppy and the physical might of a gorilla, is the main character of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Yuji is a good-hearted boy who likes to spend his days having fun with his buddies in the Occult Club despite having almost superhuman abilities.

However, after a string of terrible circumstances causes him to swallow a cursed object, Ryomen Sukuna, a formidable devil with an ego large enough to swallow the sun and a taste for human skulls as interior décor, takes up residence in his body.